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I am so sore tonight I can hardly wiggle!

I am still doing water therapy at the recommendation of my surgeon after my double knee replacement surgery. There is a physician approved therapy center called ACAC that I go to. They have lots of classes you can participate in or you can do your own thing in the heated salt water pool and Jacuzzi. When I started, I met with a therapist who went over the program and took all my vital signs. He was going to work with me. I haven’t seen him since.

Several weeks ago, I decided to do the arthritic session but was not impressed. There wee only “older” people in the class and it didn’t seem like there was much to it. I prefer to do the exercises that were given to me from my physical therapist. Today I decided to take the p.r.e.p session which is part of my therapy program. After all, that is why I am going.

It wasn’t at all what I expected. I expected to have one on one time with a therapist who would check my progress so that he could report it back to my doctor. Instead, it was basically a breathing class. Inhale-1-2-3, exhale-1-2-3. Most of the movements were standing still or almost still, keeping your eyes on a focal point while doing such movements as opening and closing your fist, turning your head, and squeezing your butt cheeks together, tighter, tighter, tighter. Now inhale-1-2-3, exhale-1-2-3 . One exercise included two steps forward-inhale-1-2-3, two steps back-exhale-1-2-3. That was the most active one!!! Another one was making sure you were standing up straight, looking straight ahead; inhale-1-2-3, exhale-1-2-3.  Now all my organs are lined up in their proper positions and my blood is flowing properly!

I left frustrated and determined I would just continue to do my own thing–real exercises. Several hours later I am complaining of being sore. Not just a little sore, big time sore; my ankles, knees, back, legs, arms, and neck, all the places where there are no organs.

Who knew breathing; inhale-1-2-3, exhale-1-2-3 for forty-five minutes could make a person sore! I thought I’ve been inhaling and exhaling for 67 years!!! Maybe my organs were out of line and I just didn’t know it. It is a three Advil night!

4th Annual Local Hertzler Get Together-2019

Saturday evening we had the fourth annual local Hertzler get together at Joe and Norma’s lovely homestead in Cumberland, Va. We can all trace our roots back to Isaac and Mary Kanagy Hertzler. They had 6 children; Joseph, Levi, Lydia. Isaac D, Elizabeth and David. Living in our area (Cumberland, Powhatan, Richmond, Farmville and Prospect) are descendants of Joseph, Levi and Isaac and all three had descendants present; 3rd, 4th and 5th cousins.

Below are a few pictures of our evening.

Joe Hertzler (Family line of Isaac)
Freeman and Phil Hertzler (Family line of Levi)
Roy Miller and Gene Hertzler (Family line of Isaac)
Henry and Kayla Hertzler (Family line of Isaac)
Karl and Michelle Hertzler (Family line of Isaac)
Tony and Bob Hertzler (Family line of Isaac)
Ivan and Joyce Lehman, Lillian Hertzler (Family line of Joseph)
Lucy Miller (Family line of Isaac)
Pat Hertzler and Marie Hertzler
Annette Hertzler
Kathy Hertzler
Gerald Hochstetler
When Freeman or his brother show up, there are unique and delicious delicacies that usually have to do with wild game on the grill.
Freeman’s bacon wrapped deer tenderloin and venison sausages. The flavor was out of this world good!!!
When everyone brings something for the grill you get hot dogs (not pictured), hamburgers, chicken and venison. It was a feast.
Cassidy sang “”If I Were a Butterfly”.
The oldest pushing one of the youngest!

If you have Hertzler roots and would like to be invited-even if you don’t live in our area, let me know.

Heatwole Gathering-2019

The matriarch (Fannie) and patriarch (Dwight) of the family

Each fall the Dwight Heatwole family gathers to enjoy a day together. Rich and Marj planned the reunion this year and it was at Jim and Kendra Landis’ lovely, park-like homestead at the end of a steep, windy, one mile gravel road near the top of Second Mountain near Hinton, VA.  Jim and Kendra are welcoming, gracious hosts and they have plenty to keep young and older children well entertained; zip-line, sandbox, trails to hike, rocky mountain creek, woods, shooting range, trampoline, and for the “oldish” gang a peaceful, shady, picnic area with a pit fire for just sitting, visiting and eating.

Here are a few pictures from our day.


Cousins Kendra,  Jill and Karmen

Melanie and Marj

Krista, Maude and Evelyn



Jake and Melanie

Micah, Krista and Maude



Eileen and Crystal

Ed, Obe and Gene

Heidi and Rhonda

Rich and Phil

Eric and Jim

Bringing granddaddy a lazy boy chair to sit in.

Now that is special treatment!

The guys looking at Tractor Mac who had a little runaway accident several weeks ago. It went for a spin down the hill by itself and crashed into a very rocky creek and then caught fire. Jim is rebuilding it. Kendra’s blog tells the story… Tractor Mac Goes Solo.

Tractor Mac is in the tractor hospital!


Grandmother, Ev and Marj

Lincoln getting some help with the zip-line harness.

Kendra has the prettiest flowers on her deck.

The next several pictures are of the other special fun event of the day-shooting skeets.

It was a fun day, enjoyed by all.