4th Annual Local Hertzler Get Together-2019

Saturday evening we had the fourth annual local Hertzler get together at Joe and Norma’s lovely homestead in Cumberland, Va. We can all trace our roots back to Isaac and Mary Kanagy Hertzler. They had 6 children; Joseph, Levi, Lydia. Isaac D, Elizabeth and David. Living in our area (Cumberland, Powhatan, Richmond, Farmville and Prospect) are descendants of Joseph, Levi and Isaac and all three had descendants present; 3rd, 4th and 5th cousins.

Below are a few pictures of our evening.

Joe Hertzler (Family line of Isaac)
Freeman and Phil Hertzler (Family line of Levi)
Roy Miller and Gene Hertzler (Family line of Isaac)
Henry and Kayla Hertzler (Family line of Isaac)
Karl and Michelle Hertzler (Family line of Isaac)
Tony and Bob Hertzler (Family line of Isaac)
Ivan and Joyce Lehman, Lillian Hertzler (Family line of Joseph)
Lucy Miller (Family line of Isaac)
Pat Hertzler and Marie Hertzler
Annette Hertzler
Kathy Hertzler
Gerald Hochstetler
When Freeman or his brother show up, there are unique and delicious delicacies that usually have to do with wild game on the grill.
Freeman’s bacon wrapped deer tenderloin and venison sausages. The flavor was out of this world good!!!
When everyone brings something for the grill you get hot dogs (not pictured), hamburgers, chicken and venison. It was a feast.
Cassidy sang “”If I Were a Butterfly”.
The oldest pushing one of the youngest!

If you have Hertzler roots and would like to be invited-even if you don’t live in our area, let me know.

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