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Quaker Hill Bull Sale-February 2023

I know I posted a few pictures on facebook but I want to write a little bit more about our “date night” to the Quaker Hill Bull Sale at the Knights Livestock Sale Barn in Orange, Virgina.

Gene really enjoys going to the Quaker Hill sales and has bought most of his bulls from them through the years. When Charles Rosson called and invited us to this sale, we both knew we wanted to go. He did not have to twist my arm! We knew this would not be a buying sale for us but a very interesting “watch” sale. It was called “Moment of Clarity” sale. Most of you probably will not know what that means but every animal in the sale was a direct descendent of Connealy Clarity who was one of the best bulls every used in the breeding program at Quaker Hill. His untimely death was a tragic loss to the Angus breed, but his calves have been topping many sales around the country. I quote from Quaker Hill, “They excel in calving ease, true muscle expression, high volume capacity, moderate frame size, quiet dispositions, good feed and legs with maternal prowess second to none”.

Quaker Hill Black Bandolier-the number one sire of the evening and a son of Connealy Clarity.

The big feature of the evening was Quaker Hill Black Brandolier. They said that he is the very best bull they have ever raised hands down! He sold for $105,000. Before the sale, we went back to the sale pens. King Bull walked over to the gate where I was standing and I got to rub his head!

Everyone one of the heifers and bulls in the sale were top quality. The other bulls ranged in price from 3,400 to $15,000 and went all over the country. I heard Georgia, Montana, Texas, and New York. The famales went from $3,000 to $13,500. They also sold some straws of semen but we didn’t stay for that.

Quaker Hill usually provides a very good meal using Summy’s Catering. The meal is always the same but it smells and tastes wonderful. They put up a tent for the food.

Barbecued chicken, pulled pork, baked beans, potato salad, coleslaw, pumpkin cake and lemonaid.
The entertainment while we ate was this talented young lady, Carrie Brockwell, with her dad from Chester, VA. She tried out for American Idol but didn’t make it.
Sale time-getting ready to start.
Quaker Hill Black Bandolier-first in the ring.
Excitement ran high.

Number 2 bull was Quaker Hill Transparency. He brought $6500.

It was a fun evening and very interesting to see these amazing bulls sell.