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Natural Fertilizer-Spreading Cow Manure

We used commercial fertilizer on our fields but we also utilize the tons and tons and tons of “free” fertilizer from our beef cattle. Technically it is not free, as it the waste from the cows eating lots of good grain and hay. For several years Gene has been “piling” and has accumulated some huge mounds of now partially composted manure that needed to be spread.

After starting with his chain flail spreader, he became overwhelmed with the magnitude of the job and rented a “big” pik rite HP 380 spreader with vertical beaters from Mr. Knicely in Hinton, Virginia for the week.  This is making the job go much faster as every pik rite load is equivalent to 3-4 of his flail spreader. Or another way of looking at it, he spread 10 acres with the flail spread in 3-1/2 days and 50 acres with the pik rite in the same amount of time.


Vertical beaters on the back give a more even and wider spread.

The pik rite spreads 35 foot wide swaths at a time versus the 8 foot of the flail spreader.

One of the several piles he had to spread. The cows love messing around/playing on top of the piles. The calves often jump and run around and over them.

More piles.

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