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Heatwole Gathering-2019

The matriarch (Fannie) and patriarch (Dwight) of the family

Each fall the Dwight Heatwole family gathers to enjoy a day together. Rich and Marj planned the reunion this year and it was at Jim and Kendra Landis’ lovely, park-like homestead at the end of a steep, windy, one mile gravel road near the top of Second Mountain near Hinton, VA.  Jim and Kendra are welcoming, gracious hosts and they have plenty to keep young and older children well entertained; zip-line, sandbox, trails to hike, rocky mountain creek, woods, shooting range, trampoline, and for the “oldish” gang a peaceful, shady, picnic area with a pit fire for just sitting, visiting and eating.

Here are a few pictures from our day.


Cousins Kendra,  Jill and Karmen

Melanie and Marj

Krista, Maude and Evelyn



Jake and Melanie

Micah, Krista and Maude



Eileen and Crystal

Ed, Obe and Gene

Heidi and Rhonda

Rich and Phil

Eric and Jim

Bringing granddaddy a lazy boy chair to sit in.

Now that is special treatment!

The guys looking at Tractor Mac who had a little runaway accident several weeks ago. It went for a spin down the hill by itself and crashed into a very rocky creek and then caught fire. Jim is rebuilding it. Kendra’s blog tells the story… Tractor Mac Goes Solo.

Tractor Mac is in the tractor hospital!


Grandmother, Ev and Marj

Lincoln getting some help with the zip-line harness.

Kendra has the prettiest flowers on her deck.

The next several pictures are of the other special fun event of the day-shooting skeets.

It was a fun day, enjoyed by all.

Heatwole Gathering-2016

This year our family gathering was at the home of Jim and Kendra Landis. They have a beautiful home site nestled on the edge of Shenandoah Mountain with National Forest all around. Jim is very creative and their place was better than a park with a zip line, playground, walking trails and picnic area.  The pictures and video clips will tell the story.


My parents, siblings and spouses started Saturday morning with a delicious breakfast at the home of Rich and Marj.

Back: Ed & Eileen Heatwole, Marj & Rich Heatwole, Gene & Pat Hertzler

Front: Mother (Fannie Heatwole), Phil & Ev Borntrager and Daddy (Dwight Heatwole)


Midmorning we begin to gather at the Landis home. The kids had a blast climbing on the monkey bars, swinging and sliding on the play set, and riding their bikes.









The zip line was a favorite for kids and a few brave adults.  The “take off” perch was on a cliff behind the house.  There was an adult at the station to ensure all safety precautions were followed and the harnesses properly hooked to the cable.


After putting on the harness,  you had the thrill of a 500 ft. zip across the lawn to the “landing station”. Two adults were there to receive/catch the “zippers” and help them unhook.






Some of the smaller kids rode tango with another but each had their own harness







I think most of us were anxious and excited to see little Jase. It has been awhile since we had an update on him. He is now 14 months old, cute as a button and a specimen of health.


He had a heart warming smile that made you just want to snatch him up and cuddle on him. He had a strong preference for this parents and preferred you visit from a distance!


No SMA baby ever dreamed of standing like this.  What does the future hold? No one knows. He is on an experimental drug for two years. Because he has participated in the program and shown huge results, he will be able to continue the drug.  Other kids his age have crawled and are toddling around.  So far he has not achieved that feat. He wants to crawl and rocks himself forward but can’t quite get his body into the right position. Is he just slow? We hope so. But standing on his mom’s lap he definitely has strength in his legs.  The movement in his arms is strong and there is nothing floppy about him. It is truly a miracle and gift from God that modern medicine has gotten this far.



I had the privilege of holding him while his mom worked with lunch.  Let’s say “he tolerated” me with a whine!  But whenever I got too close after that he would watch me with those huge brown eyes and get that worried look on his face with a hint of a twinkle in his eyes.  What a charmer!!


I could hardly get enough of the little fella!  He has no idea how unique and special he is.

The Lazy Boy Chair

Gene has had a rough summer with four surgeries (one on his shoulder and three for a kidney stone). He is still trying to get his strength and energy back.  He was struggling this weekend with extreme muscle soreness.


He started out in his lawn chair but behind the scenes Jake and Jim were busy carrying a recliner from the house and up the hill to the picnic area. When the time came to move to the area for lunch,  Jim offered to carry our chairs and walked with him.

This video clip tells the story!



This was really, really a very thoughtful and much appreciated prank!

A while later the sun popped through the leafy overhang and the guys immediately pulled out a patio umbrella for shade!!! How much more loved and special can you get? Jim and Jake’s mother-in-law wondered aloud if she would be this special and cared for when she was old! (The answer is on the video clip!)


The Picnic Area


A funny adornment-I guess just in case you are brave enough!!!



The Faces of Us!














The youngest of the clan.


It was a fun, relaxing and absolutely perfect day with good food, fellowship and weather.

P.S. We missed the families of Keith, Jill, Brian, Jeannette, Aaron and Karmen. One of these couples was in Ireland on vacation and another is expecting their baby any day, any hour!

Heatwole Family Gathering-2014

Each year my extended family gets together for 1-2 day weekend-usually in the fall. Each of us siblings takes turns hosting the gathering. This year Ed and Eileen were the gracious hosts in their spacious house.  The cool, damp, misty weather kept the adults from sitting around the fire on their patio but the children still enjoyed playing outdoors.





Scotch tape and sticks kept the children busy and creative for quite a while.







Our train fanatic!








Do you think she is taking a “selfie”?


We had a pantry shower for the newlyweds-Aaron and Brittany- and grandmother gave them a quilt she had made.

She made each of the 13 grandchildren a quilt and Aaron, the youngest, was the last to receive his.



Someone is cleaning up his spill!



We had a catfish fry and homemade hush puppies for supper along with lots of other good food and homemade ice-cream (chocolate, grape-nut and butterfinger).


True southern Alabama style hush puppies, made by Krista Heatwole,  ready to fry.


 My siblings & spouses, along with my parents, met for breakfast on Sunday morning.

This has become a special time for us.


Mother and Daddy (Dwight and Fannie Heatwole).

They had 4 children.


Pat and Gene Hertzler


Rich and Marj Heatwole


Phil and Ev Borntrager


Ed and Eileen Heatwole

Now we are a family with 13 grandchildren and 23 great-grand children.

Note: to those who couldn’t make it…you were missed and hope you enjoy the preview of the day.

Heatwole Gathering-2013

This weekend was our annual Heatwole gathering-that is my siblings, offspring and parents. We had a great time at my sisters cabin at Sparkling Springs at the base of Little North Mountain behind Singers Glen, Virginia.

September 1-2 2013075

September 1-2 2013076

My parents, Dwight and Fannie Heatwole


September 1-2 2013041

Saturday Afternoon & Evening

We gathered on Saturday afternoon and had a wonderful picnic supper furnish by Phil and Evelyn Borntrager, our host this year.

September 1-2 2013036

Daddy, Marj Heatwole and Eileen Heatwole

September 1-2 2013032

Cheryl Yoder with her children…Max, Bo and Ariel

September 1-2 2013034

This dear, sweet little Ariel is 8 months old and she is an SMA (Werdning Hoffman) baby which is the same disease as two of our children and little Truman Lane Heatwole who passed away last year.

September 1-2 2013039

September 1-2 2013046

September 1-2 2013037

My brother, Ed Heatwole, and sister, Evelyn Borntrager, holding her granddaughter Julieanne.

September 1-2 2013040

Lauren Hertzler and Karla Hostetter

September 1-2 2013062

Cornhole game….Jeremy Yoder and Rich Heatwole

September 1-2 2013063

Ryan Hostetter

  September 1-2 2013065

Ryan Hostetter

September 1-2 2013067

Uncle Phil reading a bear story to the children and then then went on a “bear hunt”. It was great fun and they came back with two stuffed bears they found; one in a tree and the other in the bushes.

September 1-2 2013068

Julieanne Nolt

September 1-2 2013069

David Nolt and Bo & Max Yoder

September 1-2 2013070

Children playing cards.

September 1-2 2013071

Obe Hostetter, Rich Heatwole, Phil Borntrager and Calvin Nolt

September 1-2 2013072

Marj Heatwole, Mother and Eileen Heatwole

September 1-2 2013073

Brother Ed……Just can’t disconnect!

September 1-2 2013074

Brother Rich

Sunday Morning Breakfast

Sunday morning mother fixed lunch for us siblings and our spouses. This was a special time together and mother served us a scrumptious egg casserole, sticky buns, cantelope, tomatoes, and sausage.

September 1-2 2013078

September 1-2 2013077

September 1-2 2013079

September 1-2 2013080

September 1-2 2013081

September 1-2 2013082

September 1-2 2013083

Our Sunday Worship Service

We had our own worship service in the outdoor pavilion nestled among the cabins and trees. It was a special worship service.  Richard led us in singing several old hymns.

September 1-2 2013096

September 1-2 2013095

Ed and Eileen read scripture.

    September 1-2 2013101

September 1-2 2013105

Evelyn had a children’s lesson about the shepherd who had 99 sheep and one was lost.

September 1-2 2013102\ September 1-2 2013103

The shepherd counted his sheep…95,96..97..98…99

September 1-2 2013106

And he looked until he found the one that was lost!

      September 1-2 2013112

Uncle Charles (daddy’s brother) shared their personal tragedy;”Journey Through Grief” during the illness of Marlene and accidental death of their son Jay,

September 1-2 2013115

Brian and Kerwin Borntrager led us in a medley of hymns…Oh Happy Day, When Peace Like A River, When the Roll is Called Up Yonder, and Shall We Gather at the River.  This fit perfectly after Uncle Charles’ sharing and was very moving to me.

September 1-2 2013119

September 1-2 2013122

Kerwins family singing “Alive, Alive”.

September 1-2 2013126

I shared “I Remember…Our Faith Journey”.

September 1-2 2013129

September 1-2 2013132

A very special treat for us as a family were the Aunts and Uncles-Daddy’s siblings-that joined us.

September 1-2 2013084

Charles and Doris Heatwole

September 1-2 2013170

John Reed

September 1-2 2013169

Carolyn Reed

September 1-2 2013087

Ruth Heatwole and I failed to get a picture of Liz Yoder.

September 1-2 2013086

Great Aunt Nancy Heatwole (This would be my daddy’s aunt) also came.

And a few other random pictures….

September 1-2 2013090

Brian and Donna Borntrager

September 1-2 2013138

Donna and Evelyn Borntrager

September 1-2 2013182

Rhonda Borntrager

September 1-2 2013166

Obe Hostetter

September 1-2 2013136

September 1-2 2013137

September 1-2 2013138

  September 1-2 2013161

Gene and Pat Hertzler

          September 1-2 2013173

Rich Heatwole

September 1-2 2013181

Jill Hostetter holding Macie Jo Landis, Kendra Landis and Lauren Hertzler

A spirited water balloon fight between the grandpa’s and their grandchildren.

September 1-2 2013139

September 1-2 2013174

September 1-2 2013175

September 1-2 2013176

September 1-2 2013177September 1-2 2013142

September 1-2 2013149

September 1-2 2013178

September 1-2 2013179

September 1-2 2013180

It was a fun and relaxing weekend and good to be with family.

God is good and we proclaim His faithfulness.

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