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Spring in February

I am loving this sunny, warm, spring-like weather in central Virginia. I have been hit with spring fever; cleaning up flower beds, trimming roses and bushes, and even though I know better, planted some lettuce and radishes in one of my raised beds. The only thing I have to lose is less than a dollar’s worth of seed.

But, this really it is not good.  It should be cold, snowy and wintery.  A mild winter has its down side.  We need cold to freeze and thaw the ground to make is soft, kill bugs and snow to add nitrogen and moisture to the soil.

I noticed on Friday that the maple trees are bursting forth a reddish hue of buds.


The dandelions and daffodils are blooming.



The pastures and lawn have stayed green all winter. This morning the warm sun was shining and the birds were singing their hearts out. The cows are grazing more and eating less hay. It was hard to decide what to wear to church this morning: stay with my winter clothes or bring out a spring dress. I opted to stick with winter. My granddaughter came over this afternoon and she was skipping spring and stepping right into summer!


Later in the afternoon we went over to Keith’s place; they were riding four-wheelers and dirt bikes.




Yep! That is fearless Keith up in the air!




I was given a ride around the trail at “grandma pace”!!!

On the way home, we stopped by one of our fields to check on the trical (hay) growth and a farmer neighbor stopped and chatted a few minutes. It is so fun to watch the guys posturing while they are chatting.





Gene has been watching the extended forecast and the weather through March looks mild.  However, Easter is late this year (third weekend in April) and I always say it does not get warm to stay until after Easter.  That should mean a late spring. The fruit trees will soon start pushing bud if we continue to have 60-70 degree weather. As much as I love the warmth and early spring-like weather it truly is NOT good.  Is this what they call global warming?

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