I am so sore tonight I can hardly wiggle!

I am still doing water therapy at the recommendation of my surgeon after my double knee replacement surgery. There is a physician approved therapy center called ACAC that I go to. They have lots of classes you can participate in or you can do your own thing in the heated salt water pool and Jacuzzi. When I started, I met with a therapist who went over the program and took all my vital signs. He was going to work with me. I haven’t seen him since.

Several weeks ago, I decided to do the arthritic session but was not impressed. There wee only “older” people in the class and it didn’t seem like there was much to it. I prefer to do the exercises that were given to me from my physical therapist. Today I decided to take the p.r.e.p session which is part of my therapy program. After all, that is why I am going.

It wasn’t at all what I expected. I expected to have one on one time with a therapist who would check my progress so that he could report it back to my doctor. Instead, it was basically a breathing class. Inhale-1-2-3, exhale-1-2-3. Most of the movements were standing still or almost still, keeping your eyes on a focal point while doing such movements as opening and closing your fist, turning your head, and squeezing your butt cheeks together, tighter, tighter, tighter. Now inhale-1-2-3, exhale-1-2-3 . One exercise included two steps forward-inhale-1-2-3, two steps back-exhale-1-2-3. That was the most active one!!! Another one was making sure you were standing up straight, looking straight ahead; inhale-1-2-3, exhale-1-2-3.  Now all my organs are lined up in their proper positions and my blood is flowing properly!

I left frustrated and determined I would just continue to do my own thing–real exercises. Several hours later I am complaining of being sore. Not just a little sore, big time sore; my ankles, knees, back, legs, arms, and neck, all the places where there are no organs.

Who knew breathing; inhale-1-2-3, exhale-1-2-3 for forty-five minutes could make a person sore! I thought I’ve been inhaling and exhaling for 67 years!!! Maybe my organs were out of line and I just didn’t know it. It is a three Advil night!

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  1. After I had my shoulder surgery and went to PT…..I was amazed at some of the exercises to get all my movement back. Seemed like they were nothing but it worked

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