How to Freeze Limas and Butterbeans

We love limas. My favorite is the Fordhook variety but I like to pick them young.  There is no comparison to homegrown limas and limas found in the grocery store. I have tried numerous times to buy them, even buying the Fordhook  variety, but they are very mealy.  Some things I like to can and some freeze. Limas I like to freeze. They have much better favor.

After they are picked I find a nice place to sit and shell.

Shelling limas is not hard, just give the bean a twist and it pops open. With your thumb nudge the beans out of the pod.

I washed the shelled beans twice to remove any dirt.

Now they are ready to freeze.

I have a special pan I blanch my beans in.

Fill the pan about half full of  water. When the water comes to a boil add some limas to the top part (sieve section).

Bring to a boil for 1 minute. Lift the sieve section out of the pan and dump the beans into a pan to tap water to cool for several minutes. Then I dump them into ice water to finish cooling. The reason I put them in tap water first is simply to cool them some and help save on the amount of ice needed.

After they are cool I spoon them into freezer boxes or bags.

I write the date on the top and put them in the freezer.

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  1. Mary Said:

    I love our garden to!! It so much better than anything at the store!! My family will be coming in soon to meet you and to see the wonderful beef you have.

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