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Evening on the Lawn-2012

God could not have given us a more perfect evening last night for our annual evening of gospel/bluegrass music on the lawn. The temperature was in the mid-70’s, no bugs were on their nightly scavenger hunt, and just before the sun set with a radiant and glorious display of yellow, orange and pink, the “glory rays” outline the clouds with a brilliant beauty that only God could create. I thought… wouldn’t the evening be perfect if Jesus stepped from behind those clouds! And guess what, one day He will!

Mark Templeton & Pocket Change were our featured band for the evening.  They are  very talented musicians and played a variety of different styles of music.  They even entertained us with their famous chicken rendition!

Our church, Powhatan Mennonite, sponsors this annual community event on our lawn.  We set up a tent for Bruster’s Ice-Cream, freshly popped corn and beverages.  People gather with blankets and lawn chairs and enjoy the music, food, fellowship and evening.

Mark is from High Point, North Carolina and the rest of the band is from Richmond and southern Virginia.

A special bonus treat for us is getting to interact with the band before and after the program.  After the program we enjoyed a supper of chili soup and corn bread as we unwound and reflected on the evening.  It was a good evening and one we will treasure the memory of.  Thanks again Mark, Glenn Ashwell, Ralph Clay, Ernie Power, and Russell Bonovitch.

More pictures from the evening….

Our Greeters

Dave and Nancy Moyer

Ed and Doris Ranck

Marie Landis and Justin Jones serving popcorn.

Mary Ann Davis and Marie Hertzler serving Bruster’s ice-cream.

Mike Wood (helped with parking), Pastor Tim Kennell and Pres Nowlin

The Comeaux family.

Bob and Margaret Estes

Lauren Tinner

We gave out some door prizes…

Kristen Broughton-winner of the bubbles!

Winner-Lauren Tinner

Winner of a CD from the band.

Lillian Hertzler-winner of the mum

Winner of homemade bread and jams.

Another winner of a CD from the band.

Billy Flippo-winner of fresh vegetables, salsa, jam & tea towels.

Bob Estes-winner of insulated cooler.

The setting sun was stunning. My camera did not pick up any of the brilliant orange, yellow and pink colors.

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