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When We All Work Together

Jill and the grandkids came on Saturday with 3 bushels of Ginger Gold apples in tow. We were planning to make applesauce and apple pie filling that afternoon and I was a little concerned that it was going to be a late night. Was I ever wrong!

The grandkids (Jill’s two and the two oldest of Keith) are basically adults now and everyone of them knows how to work. We jumped right in on a major canning project and in less than two hours had completed the process and had an apple blast!

I was reminded of the song we sang as kids, “When we all work together, together, together, when we all work together how happy we’ll be.”

Pictures of our afternoon.

Karla washing the apples.
Emily and I cut the apples into quarters and removed the blossom end.
Lauren ran the apple peeler.

I had never used an apple peeler. I had one upstairs that I had gotten several years ago to give as a gift and never gave it. Jill forgot hers so I decided now was the time to claim this as mine. I was totally impressed. That thing peeled, cored and sliced the apples so neat. I had no idea what a gem I had tucked away and was not being used. The kids had a lot of fun with it.

There is more than one way to eat a peel!
The neatest little rings that you ever did see! I would cut the sliced apple into quarters and they slide into the jar so neatly. We won’t tell you how many Ryan ate! But, he is a growing boy!!!!
I stuffed the jars with apples for the pie filling.
Jill kept two kettles cooking for the applesauce.
Jill made the sauce to pour over the apples and processed them.
Ryan was the Victoria Strainer cranker! I never in all my canning had one of these and now I want one!
Karla filled the freezer containers with the finished product.
Lauren somehow ended up on the floor after missing her mouth eating an apple. I never did understand what totally happened or how she missed her mouth but it sure was funny!
We laughed and chatted and had a good time as we worked together.

“When your work is my work and our work is God’s work, when we all work together how happy we’ll be.”

Good memories!

Link: Recipe for Apple Pie Filling to Can

How to Can and Freeze Applesauce

Homemade applesauce is so good. Today I helped my daughter, Jill, make applesauce using Golden Delicious apples.  The Golden Delicious make a thick, sweet, golden applesauce.  They are  good for canning or freezing and take very little sugar.  Golden Delicious are my favorite all-purpose apple and are available in mid to late September.  They are also good for eating raw, baking, cooking, apple-butter and cider.

We cut the apples in half and take the seeds out before slicing the half in slices.  Do not peel.

We cook the slices in a large kettle on medium heat on the stove.  Add a cup of water to the kettle of apples to help keep them from scorching.  You must stir frequently.

Cook until the apples are soft.

Remove from heat and either squeeze them through a Victoria strainer or a sieve like this to remove the pulp from the skins.

Add sugar to taste and spoon the hot sauce into clean canning jars filling to the lower ridge on the lip of the jar.

Add lids (heated in water) and rings.

Pressure quarts 5 minutes on 5 pounds pressure.

After 12 hours of cooling, remove the rings and store in a cool, dark room.

For detailed information on “how to can” see my blog “How to Use Your Pressure Canner”.

To freeze: put cooled sauce in freezer boxes and freeze.

Other suggestions or tips:

  • If you like a tart applesauce (my favorite) use Transparent Apples  (older variety of green apples) which are available at orchards in late July.  A tart sauce takes a little more sugar but I love the flavor.

  • Jill said she prefers to can the  sweet apple sauce and freeze the tart.
  • My mother likes to peel her apples before cooking and then blend the cooked apples in the blender for really smooth applesauce.
  • A Victoria Strainer is a neat canning gadget to use on apples and tomatoes (for juice).  It very neatly separates the pulp for the skins.

  • I feed the apple peels to my chickens. They love them.

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