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Productive Day

What a productive day! The store was closed for Memorial Day and I get very few days just for me-to do whatever, however, and whenever I felt like it. It was great! It makes me wish I had a day very month like this.

I awoke at 7 but stayed in bed until the late hour of 8 AM. Then I sat on the patio and drank my coffee. What a gorgeous morning. The garden was beckoning so I spent the next two hours tilling and pulling weeds. It was so much fun and the end results were so rewarding.

I have two patches of sweet corn. The rows on the right were planted March 20th.  You do not plant sweet corn in March and I knew it but decided to try  just to see what would happen.  If you remember we were having 80 degree days in March. It came up good but didn’t grow for the longest time and was so yellow in color. The patch on the left was planted a month later on April 17. It came up and never stopped growing. There is some but not a lot of  difference in the height! It will be interesting to see the end results.

I spent the rest of the day working in flower beds; weeding and mulching, dead-headed the roses, sprayed roundup and  visited a 90-year-old lady from our church.  It was a very satisfying and productive day.

Gene has been busy in the fields all day being a true farmer. This morning he disked a field he plans to plant corn in.  Several loads of chicken manure were put on the field last week and he worked it in.  There were millions of bugs crawling  over the worked up ground and we wonder if it came out of the chicken manure.  He usually no-tills but this year wanted to work up the ground.

When Gene is in the tractor he takes his border collie, Katie, with him.   She loves to ride in the tractor.

Katie waiting on her master to come back to the tractor!

At noon Steve Meadows came and started raking hay.  He and Gene have been in the hay-field all afternoon.  It was a perfect day for baling;  hot with a nice breeze.

I have to include one picture of one of my  flowers blooming so sweetly.

The  last picture is of the sun glowing from behind a cloud in the late afternoon.   It was almost too bright to look at. It  makes me ponder Jesus return and wonder if he will step from behind a  glowing cloud like that.

Yes, today was farm life at it’s best. I have sun on my nose, sweat on my brow, dirt on my knees, blisters on my hands  and I loved every minute.

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