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When I was a little girl we used to go fishing in the creek or the pond  that was on our farm.  We never caught much substantial but it was part of our summer fun that I have good memories of. We used bamboo poles and never knew we were missing the joys of casting with a rod and reel.  This summer I have had a desire to go fishing again. I mentioned it to Paul, a customer who scavenges the James River after floods for boats, lost poles and other fishing gear. Not long ago he came into the store and handed me my very own fishing rod!  Summer, my employee who is an avid fisher, helped me get set up with hooks, sinkers, floats and the other little fishing gadgets that I needed.

Tonight, with fishing rod in hand, Gene took me to the pond on our rental farm to go fishing.  The Canadian geese were taking their evening swim and the cows came by to check us out  and took a dip in the water.




When Gene found out I was planning to put the worm on my hook with gloves on, he decided he needed to do it for me!


Almost the instant I threw the hook into the water the bobber went out of sight but that sneaky fish got away!


I fed worm after worm to the eager fish before I finally snagged one.  Alivia and Noah came by and they enjoyed the fun and Alivia actually caught the first one!





And it is possible to put those nasty wiggling worms on the hook with gloves on!  It is much better than touching those slimy things.







Guess what we are having for supper tomorrow evening!


 It was a perfect ending to a wonderful Sunday afternoon.

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