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It Was All About Grandpa

Noah was here for several hours this afternoon while his mommy slept trying to recover from a kidney infection.  I barely existed-it was all about Grandpa.  Noah talked non-stop to his grandpa for two solid hours about cows, tractors, baseball and other little boy stuff. It was so funny to listen to.  We learned that his daddy tickled him this morning and that he had on new shoes. He likes baseball better than football, wants a cow at his house and he is a big boy!  He asked lots of questions that started with “why” and “what”.  I did get to do the “potty-thing” and that was because Grandpa knew I existed!!!

Grandpa helped him put on his softball gear and showed him which hand the glove went on.



I had to post this picture for the Cooper grandparents!


I caught him putting his foot up against grandpas. I wondered what he was thinking.


What a privilege it is to have grandchildren to enjoy.  Each one is unique and special and each one is a joy. Thank you God for the gift of grandchildren.

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