Kat Has A New Name

Kat is developing the habit of getting herself into pickles, precarious situations that she can’t get herself out of that are usually high off the ground. Today Summer again heard the distressed call…”meow, meow” and went looking for her.

And there she was, up in the eaves of a shed with no way to get down. She kept looking for a way down but the rafters prevented her from going to the next eave. Poor pitiful Kat was meowing for help!

Again we got the ladder out and rescued our the little fraidy cat! She really wasn’t up that high-maybe seven or eight feet but it was high enough she wasn’t going to jump. The only way we could see that she got up there was to climb one of the posts but she appeared unable to go to the next eave and there was no eave close to her!

When Kat appeared at our doorstep we couldn’t figure out what to call her and until we could up with a name we called her Kat. The name has stuck until today. I have now decided she is Pickles. Pickles Kat.

We had a book when the children were little called “The Fire Cat” by Esther Averill. It was about a cat named Pickles that climbed a tree and couldn’t get down. His owner, Mrs. Goodkind, had to call the fire department to rescue him. He ended up going to the fire house to live. He learned to slide down the pole, ride on the fire truck, helped unroll the fire hose and rode on the seat with the fire chief. The children loved the book and I read it many, many times. I think the name seems rather fitting to me!

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  1. Linda Burkholder Said:

    We had/have the same book and our children asked me to read it many times and now it’s one of our grandchildren’s favorite!

    • Pat Said:

      What was the name of the woman he first belonged to in the book. I can’t find our book and that has bugged my brain to no end!

      • Julia Witmer Said:

        Mrs Goodkind

      • Pat Said:

        That’s it! Thanks Julia.

  2. Linda Burkholder Said:

    That’s the first thing I thought of (the book) when you said Kat has a new name and got into another pickle, so I wasn’t surprised when you divulged the new name. 😊

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