Puzzles: 2020-2021

I think I have become addicted to puzzles! For me they are not only fun, but also very relaxing. When I start one, I can hardly stop until it is put together. I have sleeked off to bed in the wee hours of the night quite a few times. I did 36 puzzles during this time period.

Let the fun begin!!!

Last year the ladies at church had a puzzle table where we all contributed our puzzles and shared them around. We had to have some kind of entertainment during covid!!! It was a lot of fun and we collected a significate amount of puzzles. This spring when it was time to move them out, I took them home and made a puzzle shelf in our store as most did not want their puzzles back. You can borrow a puzzle just like checking out a book in the library. Feel free to stop by the store and help yourself.

2021 Puzzles

“Songbird Favorites”-1000 piece by Hautman Brothers
This was a gorgeous picture when I finally got it done. It almost stumped me as there was too much birch tree! I put the puzzle in two separate ziplock bags, dividing by birch trees. That should make it easier for the next person.
“Stan’s Loft”
“Springtime Bird Melody”-1000 piece, by Kim Norlien
“Merry Moonlight Skaters”-500 foil pieces, by Joy Laforme
General Store
Map of Virginia
“Virginia’s Nest”-1000 piece, by Charles Wysocki

“Sugar and Spice”-1000 piece by Charles Wysocki
Ice-Cream Parlor, not in my library.
“Mystery of the Sunflower”-550 piece, by Nona Hengen
Village with Rainbow-1000 piece by Jane Wooster Scott.

Cabin with water wheel, not in my library.
The Presidents, not in my library.
Covered Bridge with Buggy 3-500 pieces, by J. Charles
“Chatting with the Neighbors”, 1000 pieces, By Bits and Pieces.
“Rustic Lodge”-1000 pieces, by Ceaco Puzzles.

Puzzles from 2020

“Cabin In the Wild”-750 pieces, By Bits and Pieces.
Market with quilts and ducks. Not in my puzzle library.
Valley Farm with Amish children. Not in my puzzle library.
House on pond with geese and dogs-Sunset. Not in my puzzle library.
Red Barn with Horses. Not in my puzzle library.
“Sweet Corn and Summer Dreams”. Not in my puzzle library.

Roadside Stand-500 piece by Biglow Illustrations
Sewing Notions-1000 piece

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