What If?

What if God is real?

What if God created the world in six days?

What if Jesus truly is the Messiah?

What if Jesus is the only way to God?

What if the Bible is true, trustworthy and relevant for our time.

What if the Bible is a true narrative of history and God’s work through the ages to bring people into a relationship with Him?

What if God is involved in the world, holds the hearts of the kings in his hand, and controls the rise and fall of nations?

What if living in sin separates us from God?

What if sin can be forgiven?

What if there is a real heaven and a real hell?

What if Jesus really returns again?

What if what happens to you after death depends on whether or not you have accepted Jesus as your personal Savior?

What if how you live matters?

What if you do not have a second chance after you have died?

What if eternity last forever and ever and ever and never, never stops?

What if you ponder your life and the lifestyle you are living?

What if?

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