The Sights of New York City

We were the “old” folks who traveled with the young to New York City last weekend. They planned the trip, purchased the necessary tickets, made the arrangements, and led the way.  We had a wonderful time and it was also very special to be with daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren, Obe, Jill, Karla and Ryan.

I am posting a few pictures of the fun and unique things we saw and enjoyed that are not on my other two blog posts.

You can’t say you couldn’t find food!

A pretzel treat!

The Saturday the streets were packed. This picture does not show how bad it was.

A Sunday morning bike race through Time Square in the rain. There were lots and lots of bikers.

A barbecue place where we ate. Yes, we are standing in line to get in. It really didn’t take long and it was easy to see why the place was busy. It was packed, all three stories, and the food was good.

Subway Station

Yes we rode the subway. It really is an incredible, amazing system of transportation. We were there during off hours and it was not overly crowded.

Deserted train station (This was on or way to Ellis Island).

“Raging Bull” the symbol of Wall Street.

Brooklyn Bridge

Jill, Karla, Ryan and Obe Hostetter

Gene and I.

Barge hauling trash on the Hudson River.

The famous New Year’s eve clock that strikes midnight….and then….

…the New Year’s ball that falls.

In the middle of the street in Times Square was this Focus on the Family stage.

They were in the process of dissembling it. It would be interesting to know what they were doing.


Fox News headquarters.

A beautiful foundation by Fox News.

ABC News

NBC News. We took a guided tour of this headquarters. They were the only ones who offered it. It was very, very interesting. Simply amazing.

One of the game show buzzers at NBC. Ryan had fun.

It was misty and foggy the whole weekend.


I even got a hug from Minnie Pooh!

After the hugs and photo session they wanted money!

Trump Tower.


Lego Store-Ryan was in heaven!

I was amazed he could even choose something.

Lindor Truffles!  You could buy a pound for $16.99 (about 16 truffles) or a bag of 75 for $20.00.  Guess which one I took! I was in heaven!!!

Grandma and Karla with their stash of truffles!

M & M Store-we didn’t buy anything.

One neat thing when traveling with “techie” people is their use of technology to navigate.  Of course GPS led the way, but they had apps for counting the number of steps we walked, gas, food, subway, city buses, Uber, walking in the city (found out this is a good use for google maps), etc. And they could use them fast. We were never lost or without an answer to a question.

A Trump Plaza was was bout 2 miles from our Air B&B in New Jersey.

We saw the Broadway show “Ain’t Too Proud,” the story of the music group Temptations.  It was really good.

The city is rich in history and beautiful, old architecture.  There were quite a few massive cathedrals. It is amazing to think they were built years ago, before modern equipment and yet so sturdy and stunning to look at.

This was the store Gene enjoyed.  New York Yankees!

Making a decision.

Grandpa and Karla sporting their new hats!

Shipping port for containers.

The last afternoon of our stay in the city, we attended a Yankees game. The 1 o’clock game got moved to 4 p.m. because of rain. It was a steady misty drizzle, the wind was blowing and it was cold. We had two blankets between the six of us and it was not enough. We had a good time but we ended up leaving after the sixth inning because of the cold and we still had a six hour drive to Harrisonburg for the night.

Yankee Stadium

Removing the tarp for game time.

The crowd was very small-I don’t know if it was a quarter full or not.

We toured the museum and Memorial Walk at the stadium.

Gene’s number all the many years he played ball was #7.

#3 was Karla’s jersey number.



As you can see we packed a lot into three days. Obe’s walking app clocked us walking 12.5 miles and that was almost all concrete! We traveled by subway, Uber, ferry, bus and car. We had a good time and it was hard for us to pick our favorite thing.


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  2. […] The Sights of New York City […]

  3. Kendra L Said:

    I think there was a big pro-life rally in Times Square on May 4 that Focus on the Family was at. I read a news article about it. Were you there right after that?

    Also, I bought a bag of 75 assorted Lindor truffles at Sharp Shopper yesterday for $7.99. I was happy too. =)

    • Pat Said:

      It appeared it was right after. Wow, what a deal. Doesn’t make mine look so good!!!!

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