Spring on the Farm-2019

I  love the sights, sounds and smells of springtime on the farm.

Sights: lush green grass, buttercups and daffodils, white clouds drifting across a blue sky, trees bursting with leaves and flowers, baby calves frolicking in the field, billows of green pollen drifting across the field, asparagus popping out of the ground, and birds busy nesting.

Sounds: birds chirping, chickens clucking, bulls bellowing, their testosterone raging, bees buzzing, and wind blowing.

Smells: freshly mowed lawn, flowers, spring rain, and freshly tilled garden soil.

Some pictures from the farm this month.

Raised bed of lettuce and radishes,

Raised bed of spring onions.

Asparagus stalks.

The bull was bellowing and pawing the ground.

Wisteria tree at the edge of the woods.

Heifers grazing among the buttercups.

Field work….trying to smooth out the rough areas where the cows really rutted up the ground during the wet winter.

Full moon.

Full moon approaching Easter.

Strawberries blooming.

Bees pollinating the blackberries.


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