Super Blue Moon-March 31, 2018

This shows my ignorance but I really thought the moon would have a blue tint to it, after all it is called a “blue moon”.  The full moon was huge tonight and beautiful and I got several really nice pictures. I didn’t have any city skyline or magnificent building for a back drop, just a quiet country sky with a million stars shining.

When the moon wasn’t blue, not even a hint of  blue, I went to my friend “google” and did some research. When there are two full moons in one month, the second full moon is called a “blue moon”.  Now, that is not even creative in my mind but what am I to know!

This doesn’t happen often.  Ironically there were two full moons in January (January 2 and 31) of this year, none in February and two in March (March 2 and 31).  This will not happen again until October 2020. The added excitement for tonight’s full moon is that it is just hours from dawn on Easter Sunday. There is a more detailed explanation at the following website 201 2nd Blue Moon on March 31. There is a phenomena when there can actually be a bluish colored moon when there is volcanic dust or smoke in the atmosphere. The other phenomena is when you photo-shop the picture. This is my blue moon!!!

I also love the picture I took of the moon last night as it slid in and out of clouds. I had gotten confused and thought it was blue moon night.


A true story….. June 2, 2018

A friend related this story to me the other when we were talking about the very wet weather and all the flooding in May.  Years ago my friend, I ‘ll call him H, was chatting with an old-timer, Albert May in Powhatan. Albert asked him if they had their corn in the river bottom low ground harvested yet. Albert went on to explain that there had recently been two full moons (that is called a blue moon) in one month and that meant very wet weather and flooding was coming and they had better get their corn harvested. H said he went home and related the story and they had a good laugh at the old man’s wisdom.  Several weeks later their corn was standing in water with only the top of the tassel showing. H said, “I have never forgotten that.” H said, “I knew this wet spring (May 2018) was coming as I have never forgotten that experience.”

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