Bald Eagles

The last two days Gene has been seeing a pair of bald eagles flying around the farm. This is so exciting and we are hoping that they are calling this home.

Yesterday afternoon Gene called me as he was feeding cows and said he was pretty sure he was seeing Bald Eagles. They were perched in a tree down along the woods and wondered if I could see them from the house.  I couldn’t, so I grabbed my shoes, coat and camera and drove the car down the driveway towards “the back 40” to get a closer view. By the time I got there, they had circled and were gone.

This morning while he was feeding the cows he spied them again. This time they were in the field directly behind the house, about halfway to the feed bunk. I was able to pull them in with my camera and get some pictures. I discovered they were eating something dead. It looked like a small calf or deer. Since what they were eating was already dead and there was nothing he could do about that, he let them be while he got ready for church.  Before leaving for church,  he drove down to see what it was. It was a Red Fox! We wonder if they nabbed him trying to cross the field or if he died as he was crossing.

I don’t know if there is a down side to having them hanging around but right now if feels very special.

I hope I can get some clearer and closer pictures of these majestic birds. (This was a shot of about 500 ft. which is amazing for a camera).

A google search revealed some interesting facts on Bald Eagles. They nest in the winter. Their nest can be 5-9 feet wide and 15 feet deep weighing up to 2 tons!  Wow. We should be able to spot that nest in a tree if they choose to call this home.

11 Interesting facts on Bald Eagles in Virginia.

American Bald Eagles

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  1. Your photos are wonderful! Did you know Ben Franklin wanted the (wild) turkey to be the national bird? He felt them more appropriate than eagles who are, after all, glorified vultures…LOL. My last farm in southwest VA had bald eagles but have yet to spot any at my new to me Nottoway farm.

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