I love the beauty of fall; the smell of wood smoke in the air, the crisp, damp evening air, geese honking as they fly in V formation overhead, swarms of starlings flying in a haphazard but well orchestrated pattern, the musty smell of colorful, falling leaves, beautiful spider webs that pop up overnight, colorful sunsets, and the list could go on and on.

This post is just some pictures I have taken, trying to catch autumn’s beauty even though the leaves are not as colorful this year.

Morning dew on an overnight spider web built on my golf cart.

The James River





Spider webs in an unused portion of the chicken house. They formed almost overnight!


Deer 50 feet from the house.




Sunrise from my kitchen window.

Sunset from my front door.

Pecans from our trees.


Years ago I ordered a dogwood tree, thinking I was getting our state tree. It turned out to be similar but different.  In the spring the flowers have a greenish hue to them and in the fall the tree is loaded with soft red balls. I have recently discovered it is the Kousa Dogwood and the fruit is edible!!! I have not tried it but I do enjoy the uniqueness of it’s beauty.

Fall decorations and communion service at church.



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