2nd Annual Local Hertzler Get Together

The local Hertzlers gathered last evening for a second annual get together at the home of Joe and Norma Hertzler in Cumberland. It didn’t matter which family line you belonged to, if your pedigree was Hertzler, you were invited. We had three family lines present this year. It was such a fun evening of visiting, eating and singing.

The setting….

 A really neat old barn on the Hertzler homestead.


Joe keeps his place manicured and landscaped.

Flowers growing by a fence post.

 The Hertzler men…. 

 Joe Hertzler, Cumberland, VA

Phil Hertzler, Appomattox, VA

Bob Hertzler, Powhatan, VA

Gene Hertzler, Powhatan, VA

David L. Hertzler, Williamsburg, VA

Patrick, Tony and Bobby Hertzler, Powhatan, VA

(Bobby & Tony are the sons of Bob & Marie Hertzler.  Patrick is the son of Bobby).

Ryan Hertzler, son of Bobby, Powhatan, VA

Freeman Hertzler, son of Phil & Annette Hertzler.

Karl and Michelle Hertzler, Farmville, VA

(Karl is the son of Joe & Norma Hertzler. Michelle is the daughter of Tom & Helen Hertzler. Yes, a Hertzler married a Hertzler)


Terry Troyer, Milroy, PA

(If I have this correctly, Terry’s mom was a Hertzler. He is connected to David L. Hertzler and was visiting and came along for the evening).

The Troyers own Wagon Wheel Cabins at Cross Fork, PA. a great relaxing, hunting, and fishing destination. Check out their website at www.wagonwheelcabins.com

Other pictures…..

     Marie Hertzler


Marie feeding her great-grandson. Eleanor Hertzler (Patrick’s wife).

David and Gene

Carmen Hertzler (daughter of David L) and Norma Hertzler


Levi getting a push from his auntie.

We posed as family groups…..

Bob Hertzler clan.  They were the largest family group represented.


David L. Hertzler clan.


Joe Hertzler clan.

Phil Hertzler clan.

Gene and Pat Hertzler

As the evening progressed the musical instruments came out and we had a fun time of singing and being entertained.


They sang an old family favorite hymn, “Love At Home,” which numerous ones had used at their weddings.



Joe and Michelle singing “Long Black Train”.

Someone asked what it meant to be local…where was the line?  There is none. If any Hertzler kinfolk want to come, you are more than welcome. It doesn’t matter which family line you belong to. We will probably have the fun of figuring out how we connect. They say all Hertzler/Hartzlers are related. If you would like to come, contact me and we will let you know when our next get together is next fall. Our PA guest had such a good time he wants to be invited next year!



  1. ilvahertzler Said:

    Oh Pat!!!! How jealous I am… godly jealousy, of course!! That looks like a wunnerful time

    • Pat Said:

      Maybe next year you will just have to plan a visit to brother Joes’!

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