My New Sunroom

Remodeling puts a whole new lease and feel to your house. We recently redid the bathroom (Remodeling the Bathroom) and now we have just finished a complete remodel of the front porch.


The porch was in desperate new of a new face-lift.  The windows and door no longer closed properly, there was no insulation, the walls were rotten, the rug was faded and it was hopelessly outdated.  Through the years it was a playroom for the children and grandchildren and it served its purpose well. But now it was time to repurpose the room.img_1178

For a sunlit room it was dark and dingy: paneled exterior walls, cinderblocks interior wall, concrete floor and stained batten board ceiling.

It was cold in the winter and hot in the summer which basically meant it was not an inviting room to enjoy.



I forgot to take pictures before I moved all the “stuff” out of the room and realized too late that I have almost no pictures of that room except this one of Emily playing with the kitchen set when she was a little tyke.


Joe Hertzler was our contractor and under his skilled hand my vision for the room came alive.

We rebuilt the walls, insulated, put up sheet rock and put in new windows, door, flooring and a room air conditioner with heat pump (similar to what is used in hotel rooms).







Instead of toys, there is now white wicker furniture. The toys were all cleaned, broken ones discarded and moved to an upstairs bedroom. The first thing Noah said when he came over was “Where are the toys?” He was worried!  Ryan’s first comment was “I hope you didn’t throw away the fire truck.” And with added emphasis, “It WAS my favorite!”  I had to admit it was gone. In my eyes, it was broken and didn’t work properly.

The new look…. I can hardly get enough of it. It is so relaxing and inviting to sit and enjoy the view.  It has basically added another room to the house.  We call it the “Sunroom”. So friends, come, sit awhile and let’s enjoy a panoramic view of the farm with a cup of coffee!











  1. Ann Glacken Said:

    Would love to come and have a cup of coffee with you!

    • Pat Said:

      Come on Ann. I think it is high time you visit your Powhatan friends again. If you wait too long you may look so old we wouldn’t recognize you!

  2. luvlyladye Said:

    Pat, it is so very pretty. I know you all will enjoy relaxing in the comfort of it.



  3. Beautiful! Love the color of the walls.

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  5. […] My New Sunroom […]

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