Alma Hertzler’s Funeral

For the Hertzlers who could not make it to Alma’s funeral on June 21 in Fair Play, South Carolina, I took a few pictures.


She may have lost the fight with cancer, but she did not lose the battle.


Alma… back in the day!

 I took a few pictures of Uncle Harry’s tribe.


David and Ilva Hertzler


Joe and Norma Hertzler


John Paul (JP) and Alma Hertzler  -taken from a picture.


Daniel Hertzler (I failed to get a picture of Ruth)


Michael and Kay Hertzler


Philip and Lois Danner


Henry and Gwen Hertzler


Cousin Bob and Marie Hertzler talking to Henry.





The church was packed to overflowing and the accapella singing was heavenly. I recorded one song, “Shall We Gather At the River”.

It was so obvious that this sweet, gentle lady was so  loved by many and will be greatly missed. But because of the awesome, incredible love of Jesus Christ, we will be together again!




  1. ralphandruthdickerson Said:

    Thanks so much for sharing this . As part of JP and Alma’s adopted family we really hated not being there. We taught school in their area when JP was on the school board and Russell and Lucinda were in school. Then our son Ryan was born and JP’s were our local grandparents.

    • Pat Said:

      I would love to see you guys again. It has been a long time!

  2. J. P. Hertzler Said:

    Thanks, Pat for sharing this. Yes, it was a beautiful service and so encourging to see such an outpouring of kindness and love on our behalf. So glad you were there and I would have loved to visit with you and Bob’s. God bless.

  3. Gwendolyn Hertzler Said:

    Pat, it was nice to meet you and Gene briefly. You sure got a cozy one of Henry and me. 🙂 Thank you for all the sweet ways you keep the family in touch.

    • Pat Said:

      I went back and looked and I sure did!!!! You almost looked perturbed! Actually I think you were listening to David. It was good to meet you.

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