My Morning Prayer

I just want to thank you for a good nights rest. But I also realize that many did not sleep well last night because of stress, worry, fear, pain or insomnia.

Thank you for safety through the night. I realize that many experienced danger, injury and harm.

Thank you for peace in our land. I realize many are living in fear and danger and some are hiding or fleeing for their lives.

Thank you for my family. I realize many are living with shattered lives and splintered families. Some may not even know where their family members are.

Thank you for breakfast, lunch and supper today and snacks in between. I realized many will wake up hungry and may not have access to even one meal.

Thank you for our warm house.  I realize many are homeless, living on the streets, or refugees fleeing a war-stricken land. I realize some are going through hard times and can not afford to pay for the basic necessities of life.

Thank you for my health. I realize many are suffering deeply today and dying from broken health.

Thank you for my husband. I realize many marriages are shattered and living in despair.

Thank you for my job. I realize many do not have a job to go to today to earn money for even the basic necessities of life.

Thank you for my church. I realize many do not know the privilege of having a caring church family.

Thank you I can live my faith openly. I realize many in the world are a part of the underground church and live with the daily reality of persecution and death.

Father, I am so thankful. I want to be more grateful and have a generous heart. I do not want to take this privileged life for granted.



  1. bspcampbell Said:

    Amen. Such a True and most beautiful prayer. I was touched,

  2. bspcampbell Said:

    Thank You.

  3. ilvahertzler Said:

    Yes, Pat, yes!! It is such a conundrum .. it’s hard to pray sometimes… but to be grateful is what God desires.. and I don’t know what else to do about things..I need to leave it to Him.. it is such a conundrum still

  4. Frances Ortell Said:

    Your prayer really touched my heart this morning. I love reading your blog and can identify with many things you write about, as I grew up as a country girl. Your point of view is always upbeat and positive. Thank you!

  5. bspcampbell Said:

    I agree Frances.

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