Weaning Time


The last several days it has been very noisy on the farm. It is weaning time and with 95 calves wanting a drink from mama and 95 mama’s missing their babies as their udders are full of milk, there has been a lot of noise.

But the time comes and it has to happen. It is part of the life cycle of critter and human babies.  The security of baby stage must give way to more independence. Those of us who have children can remember the wails at bedtime when the pacifier was “mysteriously” lost or mom had determined that the bottle was no longer necessary.  Fortunately that trying stage doesn’t last more than a few days.

Tonight on the farm it is finally quiet. The calves have adjusted to their all-you-can eat buffet of Purina Precon Starter Complete and hay and the mamas are chowing down on chopped hay at the feed bunk.


Life is good!



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