Do You Ever Wonder…..

Why time slows down when it is on “regular time” instead of “daylight savings time”.

Why if there is a hole in the big toe spot on your sock and you put the sock on the other foot, the hole is still at the big toe.

Where all the leaves go in the fall.  (There really should be huge piles somewhere).

Why you have never met “somebody” and “nobody”.

Why one day time stands still and the next zips by.

Where time has flown.

Why you forget what you want to remember and remember what you want to forget.

Why the good ole days seem so good.

How a spider gets the first string of the web from point A to point B eight feet away.

Why you always seem to end up with the crust of bread.

Why yawning is so contagious.

How a bird knows when and where to migrate.

How a hummingbird remembers the address of your house.

Why in the world you dream what you do.

Why the best sleeping is after the alarm clock rings.









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