Ryan’s Baptism

Today we rejoiced with Ryan on his baptism into the family of God and we were so glad to join other family members and Lindale Mennonite Church in celebrating this special day.


Ryan sharing his testimony which he wrote himself. It was amazing. He said he is taking a stand for Jesus!

Ryan’s Testimony:  https://vimeo.com/130750100

“My name is Ryan Hostetter. I am going to be baptized today. I have already been baptized by my sister when I was little.  Karla saw a baptism and proceeded to baptize me with water. I want to be baptized because I want to show that I love God and want to honor Him.  I have accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and I have given my life to him.

We have all sinned and need God’s love, grace and forgiveness.  In the Bible even Jesus got baptized. We know that because it says so in Matthew 3: 4. At that time Jesus came from Galilee to the Jordan River to be baptized by John but John tried to change his mind.  I think we should honor God by all we do and say.”

That’s what it is all about.


Gathering at the creek.


Pastor Duane Yoder asking Ryan his baptismal vows.



The creek is so lovely but not very deep.


Each one knelt in the creek and they poured water over their heads. They were given the pitchers as a memorial to their baptism.

Cropped picture

‘I baptize you in the name of the Father, and of the Son and the Holy Spirit”.

Praying over him.

“Arise and walk in newness of life”.

One happy fella!

Ryan’s baptism:  https://vimeo.com/130748614


In his testimony, Ryan mentioned that he was baptized once by his sister. Here is my blog post about that story.

A Dear “Lorded” Baptism

Even though our worship services are usually adult-oriented, they are also a vital part of a young child’s spiritual training.  In between the wiggling, coloring, eating, pouting and playing, they hear the songs of praise, sense the spirit of worship, and observe the adults giving testimony to their faith.   Sometimes weary parents feel that it almost isn’t worth the effort to battle another Sunday until they observe their little ones at play.

Karla, almost three, and Ryan, almost one, were in the living room playing when their mother who was in the kitchen suddenly became aware of what they were imitating.  Karla had her hands cupped above Ryan’s head and she was praying in earnest…

Dear Lord….(this was followed by jibberish that her mommy could not understand)….Amen.” 

Then she carefully poured the pretend water over Ryan’s head and gently pressed her hands on top of his head.  Finished, she went to the kitchen and announced to her mother, “Mommy, I dear Lorded Ryan!”

August 27, 2006


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