Spring is Bursting New Life

Signs of spring are everywhere and it is so wonderful, so refreshing and so beautiful. We love riding the golf cart over the farm, admiring the cows and newborn calves.  The woods are just bursting with new life, flowers are blooming and birds are singing. How grateful I am to live in a part of the country that we get to enjoy spring. God is so good.

Take a ride with me…..




Red tulips


Strawberries are blooming. I can hardly wait.


The lettuce and onions will soon be ready to eat.


The Maple trees are blooming. As kids we called them “helicopters” because of the way the twirled as they flurried to the ground.


The poison ivy is growing well.


The pear tree is full of fragrant blossoms. Do you see the busy wasp collecting nectar?


Can you believe that in one month, right around Mother’s Day, these peonies will be full-grown and laden with sweet smelling flowers?

IMG_7892Blooms on the birch tree.

IMG_7894Lots of baby calves.

IMG_7901If a calf is red or has a white face it is the offspring of our Red Hereford bull.

IMG_7906Some of the cute faces of the calves.




Noah says his grandpa has 60 hundred thousand million jillion cows.


Curious cows and Noah is scared to death of them.


Gene used his hat to hold the fence down so that he could climb over the fence.


He went over and sat on the ground to show Noah how to be very still and speak quietly to the cows and they will come up to you.


The cows looking at Gene and working their way to him.


The cows were grazing and also enjoying the warm sunny afternoon.

I am reminded of God’s promise to Noah when he stepped off the ark and the earth was springing forth new life. It was fresh and clean and invigorating after months in the dark, cramped, smelly ark.

“While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night shall not cease”.

Genesis 8:22

Two more pictures….I took these several days ago.


A hazy, full moon.


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