Pigeons are everywhere. It is probably the most popular, unwanted bird in the city and they can also be a messy nuisance on the farm. But, I love pigeons.  I love to watch them, I love the cooing noise they make and I love their colorful feathering.

Pigeons will make a mess in an old discarded barn or silo. I remember as a child daddy would occasionally find a nest of pigeons in the hay barn.  We would have pigeon rice soup for supper.  Just in case you don’t know, pigeon is very good to eat!

I have occasionally photographed our wild pigeons here on the farm.




I also have a pen of Tumblers-have had them for years. Tumblers fly in circles and then do a head over heel tumble or somersault out of the sky. Just between hitting the ground they soar to fly again. It is so neat to watch. I used to fly my birds but I had difficulty in retrieving them all back to the pen because of the wild pigeons. If you notice in the flock of wild pigeons on top of the silo there are some brown hues. I had a brown Tumbler that would not come back to the pen but was attracted to the “wild side” of town!  The effect is still noticeable.  Now I  just enjoy the beauty of their colorings of blue, brown, white and everything in between and listening to them coo.

Short clip of my Tumblers cooing and protecting their nesting area from other intruders.


Baby pigeons nurse by inserting their beaks into the throats of their parents-yes, male and female. As you could see in the video clip the adults are very protective of their nesting area and when another pigeon invades the area will peck at it until it leaves.











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