Deafening Silence

Recently the Supreme Court refused to make a ruling and by their silence overturned the laws of the states. A news article blasted the right-wing and conservatives for abdicating on the issue.  The writer accused the opposition of simply ducking the issue and surrendering to increasing public opinion and said,” the silence was deafening”.

I have mulled the phrase over and over in my mind…..”the silence was deafening, the silence was deafening”. Does the writer realize what he wrote? In silence, the voice split the ear drums.  Sometimes to fight and argue is counter productive.  Maybe by demanding, shouting, fighting, and belittling, one side thinks they have won and maybe they have by the laws of the land. But the stroke of a pen does not change the truth of the Word of God.  Jesus invites everyone to come to the fountain of living water where sins are washed away and lives are transformed.

To fight back with unkind words, mutilates the issue.  Public opinion does not change the morality of right living.  Jesus invites us to love people as he did and treat them with respect so that they are drawn to Him.  Somehow, meeting Jesus always changes lives, cleanses the heart and transforms desires and attitudes.

I am sadden, frustrated and disappointed with the moral decline in our nation.  I am frightened at the reign of terror and evil threatening to take over the world. I am mad at the gross corruption at all levels of our government.  I am worried that the voice of Christians is being silenced. But what can we expect when we remove God from every fiber of our nation.

The writer of the article basically said the “right” has quit talking. Have we not observed that the voice of truth is no longer heard and appreciated?  Have we not observed that the words that are spoken are twisted into strangling ropes of hate and rejection?  Being against seldom makes people want what I am for.  Being against somehow seems to give credence to the opposition and emboldens their stance. Being against is like shooting a gun that backfires.

Maybe, just maybe, the best weapon of defense is not fighting against but striving for. If you care to listen, I will tell you what I am for.  I am for loving my enemy and forgiving those who offend and hurt me. I am for kindness, gentleness and self-control. I am for sanctity of life, faithfulness in marriage, purity in relationships and dignity of life for all people. I am for justice, peace and discipline. I am for truthfulness, respect and integrity.  I am for the freedom to pray and gather to worship with other people of faith.

My voice will not echo down the halls of Congress or reverb off the wall of China. But my voice can make a difference when I hug someone who is hurting, write a note to a weary friend, speak words of encouragement,  or share precious truths of God’s Word. My voice will make a difference in the quietness of prayer.

Be still and listen. You just might be amazed at the deafening silence.


  1. Your words are so wonderful to hear! I feel uplifted reading them! Ralph and I know God has given us the greatest gifts and we try very hard to use them wisely. It seems like everyone has to have “their” way loudly put to the front of everything. God Bless you for this wonderful post and its “quiet” words.

  2. Kendra L Said:

    That is one of my favourite quotes from a the movie “Anna and the King,” where normally bold Anna doesn’t respond and the king says, “When a woman with much to say says nothing, the silence is deafening.” Not really on the topic of your post, but…. =)

  3. Good words. Members of the “upside-down-kingdom” behave in ways others may not understand. “Be still and listen”. Much can be accomplished without destroying people.

  4. Ruth Hochstetler Said:

    Well written! We can’t do much in the greater scheme of things, but we can be faithful where God has placed us. That is my desire. Thanks for writing.

  5. SAM Toney Said:

    “Maybe, just maybe, the best weapon of defense is not fighting against but striving for.” Love this! Thank you for sharing your heart

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