42 Years!

Tonight we celebrated our 42nd anniversary with a very pleasant evening at the Bonefish Grill. We reminisced and talked about life.


Way back in the old days, June 24, 1972,  I said “I do, I will, and I take…” to a handsome young man who has become my soul-mate, my friend, my love and my partner.  That day with stars in our eyes we never dreamed where this journey would take us.

Now here we are, for better and for worse, in sickness and in health, in joy and in sorrow, through lean and success, and we are still looking forward to many more years.

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I am so grateful for a godly husband who shares the same faith and same values in life. I can trust him with my heart and know that he will faithfully stand with me.  He is a good dad and grandpa to his offspring.  I am blessed and look forward to walking into our sunset years together.

Happy 42nd anniversary dear!



  1. Fiona Said:

    Congratulations hardly covers what Your marriage has been through! God Bless and Keep you both!

  2. Kim Said:

    Happy Anniversary❤️

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