Wrong Question

I am still learning there are some questions you do not ask a hard-working, dawn to dusk farmer.  Did you do anything today?  Is that all you got done?

On Saturday afternoon I went to the hay field to check on my farmer where he was mowing hay and to take him a cool refreshing drink of tea.  He finished his circle around the field and stop by my car.  I innocently asked, “Is that all you got done?”  Sounded like a fair question to me!!  There were quite a few mowed  windrows but still a big uncut block in the center. I had expected him to be about done.  After all, he had been there most of the day.


I got a little lecture about what he had to do before he started mowing, the size of the field, and also pointed out another piece he had cut over the crest of the hill that I had not noticed.  End of conversation.


That evening at supper he informed me that Kenneth, the owner of the farm he was mowing, said that it was a 40-acre field and it takes 69 rounds to get it all mowed.  Hum. Now I know that I not only asked a stupid question but my question was making headline news!  I guess someone needs to give the farmers something to talk about.  After all, going around the field 69 times can be rather boring but who cares. They are counting circles!



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  1. Jewel Said:

    Does he come in and ask you if that is all you got done today? Lots of things we all do may not show that much to someone else. Also as you get older the amount we accomplish decreases due to our energy level. Perhaps you’ll not find that out for a long time to come.

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