An Oops Kind of Day!

This afternoon Gene came into the store and said “come out here and take a look.” That that the sound that something was wrong.


That is not the way the forklift is suppose to come off the dock.  By the time I got my camera he had already hooked the tractor to it to stabilize it and blocks under the wheels on this side.  It was very unstable and wobbly.  I thought it was going to turn over.  Gene had just unloaded a trailer load of hay and apparently didn’t get it out of gear when he got off.

I wanted to watch but of course at that very moment it got very busy in the store. The phone started ringing and customers apparently had lined up to pull in all together!


All is well that ends well.  Nothing was bent or broken, no vehicles were in the way, and no one was hurt. It was hard to believe the prongs weren’t bent the way they dug into the driveway. But it also probably kept it from turning over. I guess it is good is was somewhat soft from all the rain.



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