Actinic Keratosis – Part III

To read….. Actinic Keratosis Part I (Days 1-15) and Part II. (Days 16-18).


This is the final post on this series……

Day 21 (Three weeks): It is now 1 week since he stopped the Fluorouracil Cream treatment and today he felt really good.  Each day his face is looking better.  He still has a few areas that are  peeling but all the angry redness is gone. His face is still red but it looks more like he just got a good dose of sun.  He there are also a few sore spots but they are not bad.  The sorest areas are on the top of  his forehead just below the hair line and over the cheek bones. The burning sensation is gone. He put lotion on this morning but did not reapply during the day. He was also able to use sunscreen today.



He has a few little “whiteish” spots (two above his left eye and one above his left ear)  and “darker” spots (at the edge of his right eye, in front of his ear and on his cheek). It will be interesting to see what happens to them.

Day 24:  Today he was comfortable going out in public again and went to church.  Except for a few small flakes of skin peeling and a few other spots that aren’t quite healed,  Gene’s face is looking good.  If you didn’t know he had the treatment you would just think he got a little too much sun on his face.  He is almost healed and every day is an improvement. Hopefully when he goes back for a checkup in six months he will be given a “clean” bill of health and not have to do the treatment again.



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  3. Fiona Said:

    My that is a huge improvement and thank goodness it is geting better. God Bless you both and take care in the Sunny days ahead..I hope sunny, are you getting snow today?

  4. Ruth Hochstetler Said:

    Good! I’m glad he is healing so nicely. It would be interesting to see a ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture after he is completely healed.

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