Only A Farm Wife

I woke up this morning so mad at my husband.  I dreamed he had decided to feed the cows on my glassed-in front porch.  He brought in feed boxes full of feed and I had six or eight of the cows crowded on the porch contentedly eating.  One of them had pushed open the front door and was in my bedroom!!!  If you know anything about cows you know that as food enters one end it is also exiting “stuff” out the other!  I was crying and trying to holler for him and he just ignored me. Then I awoke. With that dream I should be mad at him all day.  I do believe it is a dream only a farm wife could have as no city girl could come up with that one!


  1. Fiona Said:

    After years of raising both commercial cattle and purebed beef Shorthorns I can SO relate to your dream! Your wonderful spring posts and adventures remind me why we love our lives farming. Hard work, dirty, cold and muddy and sunny and wonderful…..all rolled into one! How can you beat that!
    God bless you and your husband and family!

  2. Glad it was a dream,don’t be mad at your husbandlolsunrooms are lovely!

  3. Kru Said:

    Why be mad at him? It wasn’t his dream.

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