When Hubby is Gone


I love my hubby and I miss him terribly when he is gone but once in a while it is fun when he packs his bags and leaves!  It is amazing how fast I can fill up my social calendar.  Wednesday night we had church, Thursday night I babysat my grandson and tonight I had “girlfriend night”.   I just don’t do that when he is home.   This evening two of my special friends, Donna and Sheila, and I went to a Mexican restaurant.  We sat and talked and laughed until we felt guilty for taking up table space when there was a line of people waiting to eat.  Tomorrow night these gals are coming over for soup and game night.  I have a new recipe I want to try and then we are going to try to remember how to play “golf”, a card game.  My hubby is not a “game” person and only on rare occasion can I convince him to play with me.  I love to play games.

It is funny how different it feels when hubby is gone. The house is quiet, I don’t cook, and everything stays in its place.  There is a different pace and it almost feels  like a vacation to me-as long as things go well. I have had more than one crisis when he was gone.  But, I also know he is coming back home in a few days. It wouldn’t feel so good if it was permanent; the quiet house would be lonely, it wouldn’t be fun to eat by myself and I probably would cherish the thought of being able to pick up a little annoying clutter.

There is also extra work to do when Gene is gone. In fact, it takes several people to fill his shoes. I have to fill the wood furnaces, do the banking, take care of his dog and manage the business all by myself. I do have good helpers and they chip in like good troopers. Sam has had his plate extra full and has had to pull some extra hours  doing his regular jobs plus feeding the cows hay and whatever else pops up that needs to be done.

When hubby is gone he always calls and it is reminiscent of dating days to curl up on the sofa and chat on the phone, catching up on our day.

When hubby is gone I always anticipate his coming home.  It is good to be together again and  settle back into our normal routine.  It always makes me appreciate what he does, who he is and what he means to me.

Occasionally I like when hubby is gone, but what I really love is when hubby is home.  That my friends, is when life is good.


  1. Joann Sheltman-Coggins Said:

    WELL,This is so wonderful,I wish I could have the life,you are so lucky,so do not forget it.God i s good.I am 72 and have a extrafamily with us we help and support too.my two greats,3an4 and granddaughter,no quiet, no keep it neat no more,I was compulsive,still am.I have worked 55 years of my ife.I always enjoy family,thats why I love your blog.I think you are a awesome person.I also think you have a wonderful man.I just admire your blog so much.I stay in faith,I walk with God.I belive we are all here for areason.May God Bless you an dyours.Love from Joann

    • Pat Said:

      Thanks Joann for your kind words. I am so glad you enjoy reading my ramblings. Blessings to you.

  2. Linda Burkholder Said:

    Hey, Pat, if you need any help on remembering how to play golf just give us a holler! 🙂 We play it quite frequently, in fact, we have tried calling a couple whom we’ve played with once before to see if they want to come over this evening to play but just got an answering service. Maybe they’ll call back. Date: Sat, 18 Jan 2014 03:13:46 +0000 To: dlsburk@hotmail.com

  3. Marj Said:

    I’m kinda jealous. I just read your ramblings, and remember that I heard Rich talking w/ you the other evening about some Golf details. Now to know who you were playing with…! Awww, precious memories. Dear friends- all three of you.

    I also totally connect with you in regards to “when hubby is gone”. I’m glad it doesn’t happen often, and I’m always glad when he comes home, but it’s fun every now and then to just have time of my own. What good men we’ve got.

    See you Sat. =)

    • Pat Said:

      Donna, Sheila and I had a good time. Sheila won hands down. Donna kept going the wrong direction-she was headed for +100 points. But we laughed and had a grand time. We are going to have to have a ladies day that includes you and Doris.

  4. Marj Said:

    Well, Saturday of next week, that is. Getting a little ahead of myself. Didn’t want you confused! =)

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