This afternoon I took a ride on the golf cart over the fields of the farm looking for whatever I could see and just enjoying the gorgeous, warm, fall afternoon. On the far corner of the farm, just across the fence is an old forgotten cemetery nestled in the woods.  It beckoned me to come visit. I laid on the ground and rolled under the fence.


Two strands of electric fence separate the site from our pasture field.  It has been several years since I visited the site.  The last time I was there, the temporary markers were still in tack bearing the names and dates of the deceased.  There are three rocks set upright in the ground as head stones.   (The third one is  along the edge on the right side of the picture).  There are several sunken depressions in the ground where I know are other unmarked graves. A thick coating of leaves covered the ground. I carefully took my foot and tried to clear around each  stone hoping to find the markers so I could take a picture for history’s sake.  I could not find them. Maybe one day I will take a rake and see if by chance I can locate at least one of them.


Underneath the leaves I uncovered little green sprigs of ivy.  Somehow this seemed so appropriate. The stones mark the spot of someone’s remains. This was a spot of deep grief for a family as they laid their loved ones to rest. Who were these families? If I remember correctly their last name was Brown and they were buried in the 50’s. .  I wish so much I had written that information down.


My mind wondered about this peaceful, quiet, resting place.  Is this a family plot? Did they live on our farm or the neighboring farm? We know a road used to go past out house, and wove it’s way across the back pasture and creek, across our neighbor, William Thornton’s land to Rocky Ford Road. We know where there were several house sites, long gone.  Each grave holds the story of a life lived, someone’s loved ones.  Are there now grandchildren who would love to know where Grandpa and Grandma were buried?

It appears they are now forgotten, lost to the elements of time.  

Rest in peace my friends. Rest in peace.

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