Computer Saga Continues

How do I begin to write about this intriguing, complicated story!  This afternoon FedEx delivered a box from Husqvarna to us with our computer inside!  At first this was mind boggling beyond description. I had shipped the computer by UPS in a Purina egg basket display box and it is returned by FedEx in a Husqvarna box???!!!

Now we wanted some answers. UPS had told us several hours earlier that Integra (our computer software company) kept the box. Not true. They rejected the package because it was damaged and had been retaped shut and the box was empty–you could tell by lifting it. A search of UPS’s online tracking of our package showed it was being returned to shipper (us).  The vibes from UPS did not feel good. No good answers, conflicting information, and not a feeling of “we really care about your problem and are doing all we can do for you”.  They were very eager to compensate us for their evaluation of our lost…$100!

Our UPS driver told us that all “lost and found” items  immediately go to a big warehouse in Atlanta.  That raised big flags for us. We could visualize miles of rows of discarded items in never, never land. I wanted to fly to Atlanta and look for myself but of course that would probably never be allowed. UPS never asked us for a description of our computer or backup tape.  So how could they search for what was missing?  It gave me zero confidence in their system and their ability to search for or find our computer.

Suddenly today without  warning our computer arrives, bent and somewhat damaged but in one peice.  The big question was how in the world did a computer without our name on it make it back to us by FedEx? We still do not know all the answers. But this is what we do know…..

When I originally packaged the computer, I wrapped it in bubble wrap (the original box was long gone) and taped it securely around the computer.  We had a box we had received parts from Husqvarna in that was a good fit so while Tim, an employee, held the box I attempted to put the computer in it. The box split wide open. We found another slightly larger box-Purina box- and put everything in that box-including the split box as extra packing and filler for the larger box. Then we stuffed more packing around the computer and sealed it with packing tape.  And no, I did not put our name on the computer or insure it for extra. And yes, I put the backup tape in the same box as the computer. And yes, I have learned a few valuable lessons!

Whatever happened along the way we may never know but somehow our package became damaged.  Someone salvaged the computer and the split Husqvarna box with a still in tack FedEx shipping label to us from Husqvarna several weeks earlier.  They retaped the split box shut and shipped it to us with the already used label.

This afternoon we repackage the computer.  This time our name is on the computer and yes, it is insured.  The words “fragile, handle with care” are written all over the package.


With a prayer for safety, our computer is once again on it’s way to Integra.  Now, I have to pray that they can fix the computer and retrieve our information.  The backup tape has not been found.

And now I want to thank God for answering my prayer and for all of you who joined me in praying.  It seems to be only a “God-thing” that our computer made it’s way so quickly back to us.  It was not a twisted fate of luck. God had His hand on our computer. Right now I am not too worried about the next step. I really think they will be able to retrieve our information. After all, God already did what seemed like the impossible!


  1. Linda Burkholder Said:

    Wow, what a saga! And yes, thanks be to God who answered all our prayers!!! We’re hanging in there with you. 🙂 AMAZING–only Him! Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2013 01:08:51 +0000 To:

  2. Amen-God is the answer

  3. Sam Said:

    PRAISE GOD!!! Yes He answered our prayers. How sweet He is. Thank you LORD of all!

    Funny often my exact words to our Lord were, “Please bring Pat’s computer back to her”. I know you said as much to our Heavenly Father.

    Thank you for posting of His Goodness and letting us partner with you in prayer.

    • Pat Said:

      Now we must pray that they can recover the info from my “crashed” computer!

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