Rocks and Lawn Mowers

When our lawn was mowed this past weekend, the mower  hit a rock and shot it  like a bullet into our bedroom, shattering the window into what seemed like a million pieces.


This was the culprit!


The rock fit perfectly into a 1/2 cup measure.

We were gone and I came home to tiny, tiny, pieces of glass all over my bed and almost the entire room.  I am still seeing small crystal size pieces in the carpet, even after a thorough sweeping.


The rock traveled 36 feet (I stepped it off) across the driveway and a strip of grass before hitting the window, breaking through a double pane glass and snapping 3 rows of mini-blind slats.  The rock was found in the corner of the bedroom, underneath the edge of the curtain- another 15 feet. It missed the chest of drawers, nightstand and a lamp, landing near a glass domed scales.  (The rock was hit between the two stacks of potting soil to the right of the propane tank-just above the duct tape on the window).

This is a pertinent reminder to be careful when mowing.  Never allow a child or adult to approach the mower while it is running, particularly from the side that expels the grass.  Our incident could have been lethal!


  1. I have a fear of this ,so this is whyI wouldnt let my daughter cut grass… are so lucky someone didnt get hurt..thank God.xxxxthanks forshare!

    • Pat Said:

      On the lawn mower is safer than off!

  2. Ruth Hochstetler Said:

    We had a similar incident within the last month. We had about a dozen pine trees removed and the cleanup is mostly cleaned up, but there is still small stuff laying around. When my husband was cutting the grass, he hit a small knot of wood which flew through a screen, 2 panes of glass, a mini blind, and ended up in the poof of the curtain in our guest bed room. I’m still working at the cleanup.

    • Pat Said:

      Sounds like our mess! And I just had new windows put in the house this summer!

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