Ryan-the Charmer

Ryan never misses an opportunity to talk to adults. It is so much fun to watch him.  He will choose an adult any day over another kid. At Keith and Alivia’s wedding he disappeared and we found talking with the waiter serving drinks.  Today he and his dad paid a visit to the farm. He told his dad on the way here that when he got older he was going to come and help us in the store but he would have to find a place to live!


Some of Ryan’s favorite things to do here is drive the golf cart , hand out lollipops to children in the store and push the feed cart around.  Today an older couple came to the store as I was riding with Ryan while he took a spin on the golf cart.  Mr. Burley was very impressed with 8-year old Ryan skill in driving the golf cart and he and Ryan quickly struck up a conversation. By the time the couple left, Mr. Burley was offered a ride with Ryan on the cart which he accepted.  He learned quite a few things, including, Ryan’s desire to work in the store, that this was where we lived, that Ryan’s mommy was our daughter, about his Christmas money jug and how after he saves $100 dollars I will match the funds for his college fund, and that he lives 2 hours away.

Mr. Burley purchased a 25 lb. bag of sunflower seeds. He got down on Ryan’s level and said, “Ryan, I just drove a long ways to buy this bag of sunflower seeds. I think I should get $5 a bag off for coming so far. Since you want to help manage this store, what do you think. Should I get $5 off?”  Ryan thought a moment and said, “$1.00 off.”  Mr. Burley was just floored at Ryan’s wit.

Mr. Burley pulled out a business card and handed it to Ryan. He said, “Ryan, when you graduate from 5th grade (Ryan is now in 2nd) I want you to call me and tell me who you are. I have a special gift I want to give you. You remind me who you are-that you were the boy in the feed store and I will remember you.  Now don’t you forget. I want you to call me.”

I gave Ryan one of our cards and had him write his name on the back so that he could give it to Mr. Burley.

It was fun and so neat to watch the spunky interaction.  Ryan’s daddy has the card safely tucked in his wallet for future reference.  The little charmer… this time he hit a winner!

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  1. LoLLoveyou all ,are all so much family I love this it fillsmy heart with Joy,you Little Man will do good in business…..God Bless

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