Why I Like the Farm by Karla and Ryan Hostetter

I asked my grandkids to be guest writers for my blog.  Here is their blog entry.


My Blog of Why I Like the Farm

I like the farm because I like animals. Grandma has tons of animals. She has cows, ducks, chickens, roosters, horses, cats, and one dog. But in the spring & summer another animal comes out. That is mosquitoes. I hate mosquitoes. I do not like mosquitoes because they bite me all the time. So when you come to the farm put on bug spray!

Another thing I like about the farm is the golf cart. I just learned how to drive it. It was scary at first but it became fun because when Ryan, my brother, kept telling me what to do like “Scoot to the left… slow down… now speed up… go back over to the right…” I got annoyed till I heard him say “Go down the middle.” I smiled and giggled. There was this giant puddle in front of us and I went in the middle of that puddle. I splashed Ryan with drops of mud. It was really funny. Hee, hee, hee, hee.

There was also a time when  my cousins, my brother and I were driving the golf cart down the road and we ran out of gas.  We put the golf cart in neutral and my cousins and Ryan pushed the golf cart while I steered.  I was the one driving because I didn’t have any shoes on.  We pushed the golf cart all the way down the driveway to Grandma’s house.  Grandma’s farm is the best farm. (True)

Written By: Karla Hostetter


My Blog of Why I Like the Farm

I like visiting the farm because I love the store.  One time I saw a customer give Grandma a $100 bill.  I was surprised to see Grandma get a $100 bill.  I like pushing the little green kart to help Grandma move the food to the customers.  I also like giving kids a lollipop at the store as they are leaving.

The golf cart is a lot of fun to drive.  You need to have a chance to drive it.  It is amazing.  I like driving my cousins, Emily and Lauren, around.  I like driving to the mailbox and back.

Written By: Ryan Hostetter


  1. I Loved hearing the Grandchildren talk about their farm fun with you folks, so cute. They sound so happy.I thinkI would enjoy the farm also…..

  2. Saundra Said:

    From your blog by the grandchildren, I believe they both may become bloggers also.

  3. Pat Said:

    Karla especially is a writer and has been since she could hold a pen in her hand. She journals her feelings, writes stories and writes letters and notes. She is truly amazing.

  4. Connie Kinnin Said:

    Karla and Ryan, when you Mother was a little girl she would help your Grandmother in the store, She was a very strong little girl.
    I am so glad you had a nice visit to the farm and enjoyed it.
    Keep on blogging!

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