The Grandkids

It is always a treat when the grand-kids come for a visit. Karla and Ryan were here from Thursday-Sunday. They had been at the beach all week with the Hostetter side of the family and Obe and Jill dropped them off on their way home. We had a great time and here are a few highlights of our time together.

Ryan did not think he should have to take a bath because he took one every day while they were at the beach. According to the real story from his mom, he took a “rinse” every day under the outside shower when he came back to the cottage from the beach to remove the sand.  No soap and no shampoo!

One day I made chocolate chip cookies. I didn’t know they were going to be such a hit.

Ryan said I should sell them and put a sign on them that says “the grand-kids say these are the best cookies in the world”! And then he said, I should take some cookies and cut them in small pieces so people can have a sample. This kid has an enterprising spirit and is always looking for a way to make money!!!!  He also wants me to be sure and give his mom the recipe because she does not have it!!!!



We took them home today and since we left after Sunday School I packed them a lunch to eat in route.  I put a little bag with two cookies in each of their lunches. Ryan decided to “save” his for his mom.  When we got there he got his cookies  and very careful broke off two very small pieces (maybe the size of a dime) for his mom and then he proceeded to eat the rest.  He said it was a “sample”!


We played quite a few games of Sorry, Checkers, and Memory.  I enjoyed playing Sorry but Memory…let’s just say that Ryan says I have “short-term” memory loss!


The golf cart is the most “favoritertist” thing on the whole farm.  Ryan started driving last summer and he thinks he is now an “expert”  driver. (Those are his words!)  It bugs him that I won’t let him drive yet all by himself.  He is very careful and precise with his driving; avoiding the mud puddles, ruts in the road and following “driving rules” such as driving on the right side of the lane.  Karla finally got brave enough to give it a try and she loved it.  She quickly became comfortable behind the wheel and became my “wild woman”.  She loved to “fly” , hitting the ruts and puddles, and  splashing the water just to irritate her “expert driving instructor”!


Noah came for a visit and he and Karla enjoyed playing together.





Noah and Ryan having a good time “cruising”!


Karla is a writer and she is very creative in her stories and good with expressing her feelings.

 I found the following precious letter on my desk.



I have a friend.

A friend who can bend,

cook great meals and likes to kneel to pray before bed.

I have a friend who can bend.

Grandma, this friend is you that I keep talking about.

Love Karla

Valentine Heart

And I echo the words of a lot of other grandmas…..”There is nothing like a grandchild”!


  1. Saundra Said:

    There is nothing quite like grandchildren. What a special gift from Karla. They touch your heart so deeply…

  2. so true,I have 1 granddaughter ,twoGreats,theyre wonderful,so Icanrelatetpyour blogs….

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