A Very Lazy July 4th

Today started with no agenda and no plan for the day.  I was totally unmotivated, lazy, and restless.  I ate breakfast, lunch and supper on the deck enjoying the gentle breeze and bright sunshine.   I had some things to do but could not get interested in any project. I was restless and but couldn’t figure out what to do with the restlessness.

My nephew, Micah Heatwole, came down this morning.  He and Gene spent the morning looking at the herd of beef cows and Micah picked out his starter herd.  There was one heifer Micah had to buy.  It was born the evening we went up to say good-bye to Truman in the hospital the day before he died. Gene had to help the mom have the calf before we could go.  We probably have 400 cows/calves/heifers.  It continually amazes me how Gene remembers things about his livestock and knows which one it is!

I had to go to Food Lion for Mayonnaise and on the way detoured to Keith’s house to see what his women folk were up too.  They also were having a lazy streak and were sitting on the sofa watching TV.  They decided to come over mid-afternoon for tea.

I did manage to defrost one freezer, trim the spent flowers on the rose bushes, and did my chores, otherwise, I have nothing to show for my day.  I am not sure why I think I always have to be doing something but today I had a productive lazy day and I enjoyed it.

 Some pictures from today


My Hostas are in full bloom.


Newborn calf born this afternoon.


The cows have a mud hole from all the rain by the edge of the trees and they are living it up!


Reminded me of a herd of hippos!


Homemade pizza I made for supper.

A few pictures from  yesterday’s rain


This was taken with a tree in the background. That is RAIN, not run-off from a roof!




We have had over 5 inches of rain since Sunday evening.

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