Confessions of a Business Store Owner

Sometimes I have this almost irresistible urge when I go shopping to…….

  • Throw my trash on the floor.
  • Remove labels from the potting plants and throw them on the ground or mix them up-just for fun.
  • Set plants on top of other plants or lay them on their side to see if they are hardy enough to survive.
  • Remove one plant out of a 4- pack to replace the one I lost at home.  The owners will be happy to share with me.
  • Push products around on the shelf  to reorganize the stock or better yet, knock them over.  The “stockers” need something to do.
  • Run full speed around the store, play hide-in-seek with or climb on the merchandise.  It would be so much fun to be a kid again.
  • Open a bag of candy and taste it to see if I want to buy it.
  • Talk really loud on my cell phone while I am shopping so that everyone will know I when I am arriving home for supper or what I am buying in the grocery store.
  • Better yet, I will wait until I get to the counter and the clerk is waiting on me.   They won’t mind cause they are chatting with another clerk and will not notice.
  • Call the store at 2 AM just in case someone is there to answer my questions. That way I won’t bother them during regular store hours.
  • Remove the tags on a product before returning it and rip the box.  The next customer will be delighted to have it already out of  the box.
  • See how many pens I can collect to add to my stash at home.

It almost makes me blush to think about it and I would be so embarrassed with myself!  At least I know how not to be!


  1. Ed Said:

    Up until December, I operated a storage trailer business. At least once a week, I would arrive at my shop to see ugly truck tracks where a lost truck driver would make a u-turn in my driveway. Hopefully inconsiderate people eventually grow up.

    • Julia Witmer Said:

      Funny, Pat! But I have worked in retail and know what it is like to constantly be putting the store in order.

  2. Graham Said:

    Ah, the wonderful art of chicken butchering. We do quite a bit of that ourselves! It is nice to see that there is such a growing desire to for people to butcher their own chickens.

    Sounds like it was a good turn out!

    PS: We are the ones who use to rent your house.

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