Taco Soup

I was asked today for my Taco Soup recipe so I will just share it on my blog. It sure tasted good on this snowy, wintery, spring day!  This soup is very easy to make-basically just open cans!!!  But you have to plan ahead to have the cans on hand.


Taco Soup

1 lb. hamburger fried with 1 large, chopped onion.


1 can white hominy (15 oz.)

1 can diced tomatoes (28 oz.)

1 can whole yellow corn (15 oz. or 1 pint frozen)

1 can Original Rotel (tomatoes and green chilies mixed)  (10 oz.)

1 can pinto beans (15 oz.)

1 can dark-red kidney beans (15 oz.)

1 can beef broth (14 oz.)

1 pkg.  Old El Paaso dry taco seasoning mix  (1 oz.)

1 pkg. dry Hidden Valley Ranch dressing mix (1 oz.)

1 qt. tomato juice

I drain and rinse all the beans to get rid of the thick, starchy liquid.

Heat and simmer for 15 minutes before serving.  Can be made the day before.

Yield: 3 qts.


Crunch a handful of Dorito (our preference)  or tortilla chips in bottom of soup bowl and add the  soup with the following options sprinkled on top: sour cream, shredded  cheese, hot sauce and salsa.




  1. Alice Y Said:

    –made it on this snowy day–Thanks, Pat

  2. Mabel powell Said:

    If this soup is as good as the bread was, I know that we will enjoy it.

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