Go Away Winter!

Two weeks ago I was wondering/lamenting where winter went and now I have had enough!  My “winter cravings” have been satisfied.  I have had a perfect snow storm to enjoy,  worn my favorite winter clothes, cooked soup, stew and bread, and sniffed the toe-warming smell of wood heat . We had 4 inches of snow last week that came and went-fast!


This morning the thermometer on the patio read 8 degrees. It is cold, COLD, COLD! When it is this cold it is hard to keep the fires burning hot enough and the pipes thawed.  I have had to fill the two wood furnaces (house and store) since Gene had hernia surgery right after Christmas and doctor’s orders-he can’t lift more than 10 pounds.  This means I have to load the stoves at 10 PM before I go to bed and get up at 2 AM and add more.  Ten more days and he is off light duty!!!  At least this has not been an a brutal year.

This morning it is a bone-chilling 45 degrees in the store. It is hard to get motivated except to stand over the heat vent and let the warm air flow up the pant legs.  The store has too many doors that open and close, high ceilings and drafty cracks!  I do have baseboard heat in the office where I can seek refuge, giving me a warm place to work.

They are calling for snow this afternoon but according to Jim Duncan we will only get 1 inch of accumulation.  It will not hurt my feelings if we are by-passed.

Here are some pictures from last week to prove we have winter.




This afternoon it is snowing again. They aren’t calling for much-maybe an inch but it is nasty & beautiful outside.




But just like good ole Virginia weather, if you don’t like what we have today just wait until tomorrow, the weatherman is promising 65 degrees next week!  I will take it and I suspect in 5 months I will be complaining of 100 degree days and wishing for winter!!

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