Memorial Service for Oliver Jr.

Pictures of family and friends at the memorial service today.


Harry Hertzler (96) and Dad (Oliver) Hertzler (94) greeting each other.  Harry lives in PA and Dad lives in Newport News and neither travel any more so this was a very special treat to see each other.


Left side of table: Tony Hertzler and Lillian Hertzler

Right side: Ivan Lehman, Bobby Hertzler and Marie Hertzler


Grandpa (Oliver) Hertzler and his great-granddaughter, Karla Hostetter.


Gene Hertzler and his first cousin, Kenny Brunk.


Joe and Norma Hertzler


1st cousins: Sidney Wenger and Shirley Brunk Coberly.


Wayne Steiner and Kenny Brunk


Helen and Louis Burkholder, Lloyd Weaver and Ted Yoder.


Our dear friend, Dan Althouse.


Judy Humphrey and Ron Moyer


Dorcas & Wally Schaefer and Jill Hostetter.


Tony Hertzler and Sidney Wenger.


David Hertzler and Pat Hertzler.


Pastor Tim Kennell and Ivan Lehman.


Dwight Burkholder, Helen & Lewis Burkholder and Lloyd Weaver.


Bob Hertzler (right) and his two sons, Bobby (center) and Tony (left).


Judy Humphrey, Jill Hostetter and Marie Hertzler.


Karla Hostetter making cards for her great-grandpa and grandpa.  She has a sensitive and caring heart.


The twins!

Kenny is a twin to Kathy Brunk Stoltzfus and Daddy is a twin to Osie Ziegler.


The cane-walkers!!!

Memorial Service-Oliver Jr. December 15,2012

We had Aunt Osie “skyped” into the service so she could hear it.  Then daddy was able to talk to his beloved twin.

They talked about seeing each other in glory and then daddy spontaneously sang a song about heaven to her and Harry chimed in. It was precious.

There has been a request for the powerpoint pictures we showed of Oliver Jr.

Oliver Jr-8 month

8 months

Oliver & Judy-little

Mama Oliver & Judy-1948

Mama with children-1950

1950: Mama holding Gene, Judy & Oliver Jr.

3 children-winter 1950

1950: Gene, Judy & Oliver Jr.

Oliver & Judy-Aug 1948

Oliver & Judy-Jan 1947

Oliver and Judy

Family 1950

1950: Mama holding Gene, Daddy

Judy and Oliver Jr.

3 children riding on load of hay

Oliver, Gene & Judy on load of hay

Oliver school pic

School picture. He attended Warwick River Mennonite School

Oliver -6th grade

6th Grade

Oliver Jr-school pic

3 children-April 1957

Easter: April 1957

Oliver & Gene

Oliver and Gene

Let's play ball

GeneJudyOliver-Easter 1964

Easter 1964: Gene, Judy & Oliver Jr.

Oliver Jr-1965

1965: Leaving for IW Service in Richmond.

Oliver Jr

Judy Oliver Gene-1970

1970: Judy, Gene & Oliver Jr.

Oliver & Lana Wedding-April 1969

April 1969: Wedding of Lana Wills & Oliver Hertzler Jr.

Oliver & Lana-Christmas 1970

Christmas 1970

Family withgrandma Hertzler -1975

Family with Grandma Hertzler, 1975

Pat & Gene Hertzler, Oliver Jr. Mama (Anna Mae) Hertzler

Daddy (Oliver Sr.), Grandma, Judy & Ann Malinda Humphrey

Oliver drove Purina truck

His first truck driving job.

Oliver Jr-tractor trailer

Occupation: Long-distance truck driver.

Oliver Jr family-March 1987

March 1987: Oliver, Lana & Wendell

Oliver Jr.-June 1997

June 1997


  1. Sylvia Said:

    Awesome pictures, Pat. Can you change the “twins” picture to “is” instead of “was”??

    • Pat Said:

      Thanks-Tis done!

  2. Susan (Presley) White Said:

    Thanks so much for sharing this. I forwarded the link to my parents. They appreciate the pictures since they were unable to attend the funeral.

    Susan (Presley) White

  3. Q. Said:

    Thanks for the photos! I’m sorry I couldn’t be there. (I wish both “girl” twins could have attended) Kathy

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