Clean Up

Saturday was a beautiful day and I did some fall clean-up around the farm. One of my projects was to clean up the clump of trees at the end of our road. They are not actually on our land but it is the first thing you see when you turn onto our road from the main highway.

This pretty clump of trees had gotten trashy with time.   Poison ivy vines were climbing the trunks, branches needed to be trimmed, young rogue saplings were taking root, sticks, beer bottles and other trash were thrown into the mess. The area around the trees was unkempt and needed to be mowed. I had taken notice of the road just east of ours;  someone has cleaned up and mulched a similar group of trees making it look very attractive.  It gave me the idea and motivation to tackle ours, not only for us, but also for the others who live on or drive past our road.  I want them to smile and know I care about our neighborhood.

Sometimes we have to also take a look ourselves and do some clean-up.  It is so easy for “trash” to pile up. How about my thought life, the books I read, the internet sites I browse, the words that tumble out of my mouth, the tweets on social media, the diet I consume, the music I listen to, and the places I go?  Do they represent the godly character I profess?  Do they make me look kind, attractive, approachable, and considerate?

I love the words from Proverbs 4:23-26. “Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it springs the issues of life. Put away from you a deceitful mouth and put perverse lips far from you. Let your eyes look straight ahead and your eyelids look right before you. Ponder the path of your feet and let all your ways be established.”

When you approach a business, farm, church, or  home,  “first impressions” matter.  “First impression” is that silent greeter that meets you before a word is spoken, transaction happens or a person is seen and may affect the way in which you want to interact with the person or business. A good “first impression” makes you feel comfortable and welcome.

Just for the record…my next project is to tackle the fence line coming up the front edge of our property.

And just an interesting side note. I went out the road today and someone had stopped and was cleaning up trash littered in the ditch along our road. I had already picked up a bag full on Saturday. Ahhhhhhh. Clean-up can be contagious.


  1. Jill Said:

    And Part B to this post can be about how making decisions public keeps you accountable! Now I’ll be watching the road next time I come home to see if you reached your goal! =) Looks good, Mom.

    • Pat Said:

      So, how long do I have???

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