Thank You

Yesterday an older couple came into the store. They paused at door and the gentleman opened the door for his wife. She said, “Thank-you” as they stepped in. I noticed.  A few minutes later I said to her, “I just have to tell you. I  heard you say thank-you for the kindness your husband showed you. I just want to tell you thank-you”.  They expressed love by the consideration,  honor, and respect they showed towards the other through a very simple, mundane action. The lady was totally capable of opening the door for herself.  It was a very interesting and thoughtful conversation that followed. They had been married 55 years and they still treat each other with kindness.  I too am blessed with a husband who always opens the door for me but I am not sure if I always say thank-you.

One of the first social graces I was taught as a child was to say “thank-you”: thank-you for the candy, thank-you for lunch, thank-you for helping me, thank-you for the birthday present, thank-you for taking me with you. Thank-you is our way of expressing appreciation for something someone has done for us. It is the kind, polite, and proper thing to do and quite often I had to be reminded.

Several years ago my aunt and uncle passed away and each remembered their nieces and nephews in their wills. I wanted to say thank-you but couldn’t. I was left wondering how one expresses thanks.

Sometimes a thank-you just does not seem like enough such as when you have been given a big gift; a large sum of money, an educational scholarship, an inheritance, a new car, a debt forgiven, or the trip of a lifetime. How do you express that thanks? Do we jump up and down, squeal, hug or say thank-you, thank-you, thank-you?

How do you say express gratitude to someone for the gift of time, a Godly heritage, a cherished friendship, a faithful spouse, and treasured children? I wonder, if I have the opportunity to choose, what will be my last words to my spouse? I think I would choose “thank-you”.

Scripture reminds us “It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord” (Psalms 92:1). God has given us so much and it is a good reminder to stop and say thank-you to the one who has given us life and breath. I had to pause and think of all the many, many blessings God has given me. And I remember the gift of salvation, free for the taking, from Jesus Christ, the Son of God. The debt he paid for me is worth more than the value of the whole world. My debt is stamped “paid in full” and as His child I get an inheritance whose value is beyond comprehension. How can I ever express my deep-felt thanks for such an undeserving gift?

I am reminded of the song, “Give thanks with a grateful heart”. Just maybe this unlocks the secret to true thanks. It is more than just a scribbled note or expressed words. There is something different about a grateful heart. It overflows with love, compassion, joy and praise. A grateful heart accepts the gift with humility and joy knowing it was given out of love and can not be repaid. A grateful heart does not need to be reminded to say “thank-you”.


  1. kendraheatwole Said:

    Thank you for this post! Well-written, timely reminder.

  2. Julia Witmer Said:

    Thank you! I really enjoyed this post. I have so much to be thankful for, and need to express it more often.

  3. Thank you for the reminder to say thanks for the little things and all that is blessed in our lives.

    Gwen Duchesne

  4. JoannCoggins Said:

    I too was raised to say thank you and with manners..God isgood and my family is my life too…I love your blog…so interesting

  5. Bernice Stoltzfus Said:

    My mother was a great example of being grateful – When she passed away in 2010 at 90 years old, her last word was “Thanks.” I think it’s important, too. Thanks for the post!

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